Scrivener and Yojimbo

I really love Yojimbo and have been using it for some time now. I have A LOT of documents in the database. Now I’ve started using Scrivener and I want to be able to deposit PDFs and notes from Yojimbo into Scrivener’s “Research” section while I’m working on a project.

However, it seems that I cannot “drag and drop” PDFs from Yojimbo into Scrivener. I assume this may have something to do with Yojimbo’s proprietary database? That is a huge shame, because as I come to use Scrivener more this fault of Yojimbo grows larger.

If this is indeed true, and I’m not just missing something, what alternative to Yojimbo would you suggest. Will I have to manually export all of my files out of Yojimbo’s database and re-import into a new program? Ack!


I suggest you give Together a go. It does not capture documents inside a proprietary database, is very intuitive, works extremely well, and has a response developer…much like our KB. I think you’ll find that it compares very favorably to Yojimbo. Here’s the link:


Thanks. I just checked out Together and it looks great!

Two things it seems to be missing that I use all the time with Yojimbo are 1) bookmarklets that allow quickly adding a web archive w/ tags without leaving Safari, and 2) ability to add content from many applications with a hot-key (both Yojimbo and EagleFiler do this well).

I cringe when I think of the time it will take to manually export all of my PDFs from Yojimbo and re-import them in Together. Ack!

You can open a new (empty) document under Research in the Binder and drag the PDF from Yojimbo into the document (not the Binder). Be sure and rename the file before closing Scrivener.

Awkward, and not exactly what you want, but it will allow you to view the document. :slight_smile:

Thanks - that helps. I think I’ll probably transfer over to Together when v.2.1 is released. It will apparently address all of my needs and more - including the ability to import a Yojimbo library WITH tags!

Together 2.1 has now been released, with a standalone Yojimbo Importer that after a slightly rocky start now works PERFECTLY. I imported thousands of Yojimbo items with labels, tags and groups intact.

With this release there are now Safari bookmarklets, new tagging on import (via the shelf) and so many tweaks and features that it is almost a new version of the app.

Particularly useful with Scrivener is the Favorites in the shelf, where you can store folders and groups and drag and drop right into Scrivener without having to switch to Together.

I dump floods of research into Together and drag the most useful bits into Scrivener as I go.

They are truly complementary applications. Together is significantly more useable than Yojimbo.