Scrivener and Zotero - developments

This is good news for folks who do their academic / non-fiction writing in Scrivener and use Zotero as a reference manager.
The guys behind Zotero’s rtf/odf-scan plugin have worked out a solution for the formatting issues for foot- and endnotes outlined in the post here: [url]Another ODF compile problem]

A test version for the updated Firefox plugin can temporarily be found here: It removes the font-size and font-style problem altogether. If anyone would like to report back to the developer, use this thread over in Zotero: He also explains how the solution works.

The current workflow to use Scrivener and Zotero (with live references) skips the previous work-arounds via Nisus and now simply looks like this:

Scrivener: Compile document with foot/endnotes to rtf (“no overwrite”)
LibreOffice: open compiled rtf and safe as odt
Firefox / Zotero: run rtf/odf-scan-plugin on your odt-document
Libre/Open/NeoOffice: choose your desired foot-/endnote-style from the 7000 CSL-styles in final document via Zotero’s Office plugin.

Just tried this with more than hundred footnotes and it works great.

I’m happy to report that the revised RTF/ODF Scan plugin has now been officially released, with thanks to kithairon and others who tested the temporary release.

I’ll be removing the test version from fairly soon. Testers should reinstall from the main site to be sure automatic updates take effect for future releases. Users who haven’t installed a test version should receive an automatic update to the plugin within the next 24 hours.