Scrivener and zotero to docx workflow (apple silicon)

Hello everybody ,
I’m desperately trying to define a workflow that allows me to use scrivener with zotero citations as I write (using scanned cite zotero export style, or any better bibtex style).
I tried ODF scan plugin but unfortunately libreOffice plugin does not work on apple silicon mac as no java development kit is found. I already tried using zulu (apple silicon java porting) with no success, I couldn’t figure out how to properly install libreOffice zotero plugin.

I would just like to find a way to use scrivener (with no markdown syntax), export to ODT or DOCX, replace all the citations placeholder and generate bibliography accordingly to a defined CSL style. I also tried zotero RTF scan but there is no RTF scan option in my zotero export list (even the “scanned cite” had to be installed manually since the installation of ODF scan plugin didn’t installed it and this problem is already reported in zotero forum).

Is there any external software that takes my docx, read all citation placeholders and with a .bib file generated from better bibtex, or something similar, create a bibliography?

p.s. I already have a workflow based on scrivener + export in markdown + pandocomatic but I would like to keep it simple and avoid installing ruby and so on so I can easily configure the same workflow on other macs and for other users.

Thank you

According to a web search most JDKs support Rosetta 2, why can’t you use any of those? I use adoptopenjdk and it works fine with LibreOffice (though I have an Intel Mac so I have no idea of any M1-specific gotchas). Is LibreOffice the latest version, as I know there was a macOS fix recently to support non-standard JVM installs?

This is a problem that perhaps can be answered better by other Zotero users, as you can’t be the only one with problems scanning.

Finally, you don’t have to abandon the markdown workflow if you don’t want to use Ruby/Pandocomatic. Just use Pandoc’s defaults system[1] and you can still get an elegant workflow and easier management of Pandoc settings…

[1] … r/defaults

Hi nontroppo, nice to see you again. I still love scrivomatic but it has too many dependencies to be installed “on the go” and everytime I reinstall the workflow components, I have problems with cite-procs, ruby, or something else so it is little bit unpractical for the purpose. I can still use pandoc but I would like to be able to use scrivener without markdown sintax or without configuring text styles with markdown modifiers, (e.g. in my scrivener-scrivomatic workflow I set “~” before and after a superscript as I have superscript as text style, sometimes I wrongly select both the number and the following space, like cm~2 ~ and in this case the number is not superscript and I have to revise the docx to find out these problems. I would like to keep it simpler and to scan a word document for placeholder as example bookends does perfectly. Unfortunately bookends is not even close to zotero ability to identify a paper from its pdf file, especially if aged…

I use zulu for java as it seems to be the only updated for apple silicon, I will try a rosetta 2 emulation soon, thank you for this input

Yeah, being able to better visualise applied inline styles is a big wishlist item of mine for the next version of Scrivener (what Word call “styles guides”, alongside their direct formatting guides).

Regarding Bookends, why not just use Zotero as an intermediate for scanning and then transfer to Bookends for better management and scanning?