Scrivener asking for Apple ID to sign-in

Hi there,
When I tried to open scrivener this morning it asked me for my apple ID first. It said that scrivener was bought on another mac (Note: it wasn’t, it was bought on this mac) and that i needed to sign in.

When I cancelled, a sign said scrivener was damaged and that I needed to redownload from the app store.

I wanted to ask a few questions before I do this.

a) could this at all be due to the fact I haven’t updated my Mac OS to Ventura yet?
b) if I redownload from the appstore, could I lose all of my work? How do I even do this?
c) anything I’m missing?


I’ve seen the system “lose” your iTunes login status sometimes, it’s nothing to be concerned about as far as I know, but you do need to log back in to use software you’ve purchased from Apple’s store. That is how they control software access, rather than with serial numbers.

As to the concerns, no, software has nothing to do with your data other than being the thing that can open it. I would advise reading the first bits of text in Chapter 5 of the user manual, if you are unsure of how software works with data on a computer in general. This is vital knowledge to protecting and understanding your work, and how to find it again should “recent documents” lists ever get lost, etc.

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