Scrivener asks for serial number every time

I am having the same problem. I love Scrivener. I’m a professional writer and I use it daily, but now it is reverting to trial mode then asking for my license every time I log in. I have an anti-virus program, but I’ve had that for a long time and Scrivener has only started doing this recently. So it could be a registry issue (as mentioned above), but I wonder if it has something to do with the licensing system or a bug.

Any thoughts?

Split to a new thread, since the old one was three years old.

Make sure you have the most recent version, 1.9.16, as there have been some recent changes to our licensing system.


Thanks for replying so promptly and happy holidays to you. Yes, that is the version I have. In order to check, I just opened the program and got the message that it is reverting to the trial version again. I can keep pasting the license code in every time I write, but I hope this issue gets corrected at some point.



I just updated to a “hot new fix” . Now I can’t enter Scrivener. It wants a License No… Do I have one, and if so where might I find it? I am not sure it’s in my old emails. An original link sent to me says "activated’. But Scrivener won’t open!!

Please stop with these mysterious, mystical secret knowledge things, it’s what turns people off towards software. But then you got me by the leash and, do I have to go back to paper and pen that served me for decades?




I feel you. If you need to put in your mysterious super-secret-license-key-code-pass, it was probably emailed to you as part of your receipt when you originally bought the application. Otherwise, I think there is a process for looking it up. Painful experience with MS Word taught me to save all “keys,” even if I don’t think I’m going to need them. Good luck!

Pen and paper are also good, I’m thinking more and more.


Ah, I just created a similar post. I too am on the latest, and this regularly (although not quite as often) happens to me.

It’s annoying, and so is the non-answer I get from Support.

I have been having this problem pretty much since I bought Scrivener for Windows in January 2020. It seems like every other time I open Scrivener it reverts to trial mode and asks for my license key.

Flagged this to Support in December, got some advice on how to fix it but can’t be sure if the advice is helping. Scrivener asked again for my license key today. :frowning: