Scrivener automatically moves the next line to the right (indenting)

Scrivener automatically moves the next line to the right. I use the software to prewrite texts. This kind of automatic formatting bothers me a lot.

It is now the second project where this happens. I have already found a function somewhere how to turn this off.

I ask for quick help, because this problem always pulls me out of the work flow.

Looks like you are using styles and that that would be the formatting for whatever you have set as the “next style”.

Is there a carriage return here ? :

Or perhaps you just typoed a TAB ?

Can you redo that screenshot with View/Text Editing/Show Invisibles turned on ?

Set a default format in Preferences without the indent. Then select documents and use Document/Convert/Convert to default formatting. I don’t think you’re using styles, but if you are, then remove the indent in one paragraph and redefine the style from that paragraph.

How exactly would you set a default formatting (or style) so that the paragraph has an ident kicking in on the third line ?

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@Croc01 didn’t say third line, only next line. Pressing enter yields a new paragraph with the same format as the previous paragraph, or one with a style if the previous paragraph’s style had a next style setting. If the first of those possibilities, then the previous paragraph had an unwanted indent. If the second possibility, the style needs modification. As I said.

Good thing then that he or she posted a screenshot. :wink:

I second @Vincent_Vincent, you should turn on Show Invisible Characters. The indent happens in the midst of a sentence so there should not be a new style with an indent because there should not be a new paragraph in the first place.

Did you copy the text from somewhere? Sometime text, especially from web pages, contains invisible characters a. k. a. Gremlins that cause weird effects.


Hmm. That’s a reading of the problem that I hadn’t thought of.

First of all, thank you for all the answers and solutions! I’ll have to translate them into German and try them out. This is what a paragraph currently looks like that Scrivener produces itself. To make this paragraph invisible, I have to press Enter at the end of the previous line. Then I have straight edge in the blog again.

Unfortunately I can’t upload a screenshot. No idea why this is not possible. There is an option. But the page says I can’t do that.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-17 um 11.52.01|690x42, 75%

Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.

I have written several text blocks without paragraphs, and specified these in the settings as a template. In my opinion, I have not programmed an indent anywhere here.
Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-17 um 12.06.08|520x500

I don’t want to have indentation. Just a normal text blog.

I tried to change the default format template by creating a text blog without indentation and accepting it as a template in the preferences.

Unfortunately, I have no idea at all how to use format templates. I actually don’t need one either. Nevertheless, I now have to ask how to set Format Template so that it no longer produces automatic text indentation.

Do you have a hanging indent by any chance? What does the Ruler look like for that paragraph?

I’ll up your trust level to allow you to embed images.

Sorry for the confusion @Croc01 : don’t worry about it, that question wasn’t intended for you.

@Croc01 That last screenshot of yours is different than the first…

It shows the undesired indent on the second line. (Not on the third line like before – a very, very, non negligible detail…)

See if by any chance you are set up somewhat like this :
Select one of your problematic paragraphs, then →


If indeed you have an ident set up where I circled in red, then we’ll show you how to fix your default formatting.

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Wenn es Ihnen hilft, können Sie auch gern auf Deutsch nachfragen. Es gibt hier einige deutschsprachige Forumsmitglieder.

I do not see it mentioned here, but rather than digging through panels and settings every time this happens (I suspect pasted formatting), but by far the easiest way to clean up formatting and make the text uniform is the approach described in this knowledge base article.

If you paste a lot of material into Scrivener, I highly recommend putting a shortcut on that command.

That’s what I said to @Croc01 four days ago. It will solve the problem.