Scrivener Backup function not working

Hi guys, I am running the latest version of Scrivener 3 for Windows and I have noticed (thankfully, before a potential crisis) that the backup function of mine appears to have stopped working.

I’ve tinkered with the settings, and turned them off, reloaded the software and turned them on. I can access the backup location fine and there doesn’t appear to be any errors popping up.

I went the full road and uninstalled and re-installed…but its still not working and isn’t creating any backup files at all.

Is this a known problem with the latest update, or am I missing something?


We’re going to need a fair bit more information to get to the bottom of it, as generally speaking the backup system works fine.

Have you done any troubleshooting around the problem yet? I.e. have you made a new project from the “Blank” starter, typed in a word, closed it, and confirmed no backup is created that can be found when clicking the button to load the backups folder from the Backups option tab? And while you’re there, make sure that closing the project actually satisfies the conditions for creating a backup. Maybe you use another trigger.

Another thing I would try is File ▸ Back Up ▸ Back Up Now, which manually triggers the automatic backup system. If that doesn’t work, make sure your project settings are good. It is possible to turn off backups for a project entirely, or redirect them to another location.

Hi - that’s odd. I created a new blank project, set a new backup location input some text and tested, it backed up fine in the new location.

Re-opened my old project, checked the backup settings and had to shift the backup location back to my original location. It has started creating backups now though. I’m not sure how its working again, unless creating a new blank project did something?

Thank you for your input nonetheless. I’m happy to see my backups working again :smiley:

That is strange! And kind of concerning that you did not get any errors. If we still had a live condition I would have advised turning on log reporting in the General: Warnings options tab, but unless you start seeing it again, you probably won’t see anything there.

Well, keep an eye out for a bit!