Scrivener becomes unresponsive when entering/leaving Corkboard view

Hello all,

I downloaded the Scrivener trial today and had been going through the tutorial project when I found a bug. When switching documents to a folder with more than a few items in it, the entire program might become unresponsive. If it doesn’t, trying to leave the corkboard view will cause the program to hang instead. In testing and reproducing my issue, I found a few odd requirements:

  • Scrivener must be full-screened
  • The Default theme should be selected

Other themes may also reproduce the bug, but I stopped testing for it when I realized that dark mode was objectively better for more than just my eyes in this case. My monitor is 2560x1440, in case that possibly makes a difference. I also noticed that there was more latency between my clicks and an action being taken in the app, so whatever is at the root of this issue may also be causing some of the performance issues I saw in other bug threads.

I’m running Windows 10 on the latest updates, with an i7-7700K CPU and 32GB RAM. If any more information is needed, feel free to ask. Scrivener seems like a great product and I’m happy to play at being QA for it if that will help!