Scrivener Beta 1 install crash[NOTED]

I haven’t seen this error reported so here goes:

I’m on Windows XP SP3 using Microsoft Visual C++2008 Redistributable - x86

When double-clicking the downloaded ScrivenerBeta1.exe I got the following message:

Scrivener Install error: can't alloc [OK]

The wording might be a little off as I no longer can remember it word by word and the error window crashed before I could write it down.

I got this error twice, then both the error message and Opera 10.63 crashed. I double-clicked the install .exe again and it installed OK.

I’ve tweaked the services quite a lot on this computer, so it might be related to that. What services does Scrivener rely on?

Apart from the standard services that run the XP, Vista, or 7 operating systems. Scrivener is not dependent on any specific services.