Scrivener Binder Background Label Colours Not Showing in OBS

I know this is not directly relevant to using Scrivener, but since I was recommending it to someone (in the hope of them buying it), and I could not show them an one aspects of its capabilities, I thought I would post it here - if I am making videos of Scrivener to show to others, it is not very impressive if I am talking about a feature but cannot show that feature in action.

Also, none of the other forums seemed relevant for posting this problem.

I am using OBS screen capture software to make a video showing the features I thought the person for whom I was making the video would find useful, and everything worked fine, except for the appearance of the background label colours that I had set for some of the files in the Binder (I was using the Research Proposal Template).

All of the other colours on the screen show perfectly, including the rendition of these colours in the bottom right of the window.

Please see attached .PNG for a screenshot which shows everything I wanted to show - in the video, the pink, yellow and orange (and green) colours in the Binder do not appear when I am recording.

Does anyone have any idea whether this problem is something at fault in OBS, Scrivener or is due to an interaction between the two?

The second I click ‘record’ off in OBS the Binder Label Background Colours re-appear on the Scrivener screen (that I am monitoring in OBS), when I click ‘record’ again, they disappear.

Thanks for any help you can give.

I usually use Camtasia without any issues so I downloaded and installed OBS V27.0.1 64 bit using default settings with one of my 2560 x1080 monitors using similar colours shown and wasn’t able to replicate the issue, I’m afraid.

Do you have any filters applied especially colour correction?

Are you able to replicate using different theme colours?

Perhaps change the binder background colour?

Just throwing stuff around, I guess otherwise there’s OBS’ own forum over here if that’s any help.

A screen capture should record the same colors you’re seeing on the screen, right?

If not, I can only think of two scenarios:

  1. Do the colors change as soon as Scrivener loses focus, whether you capture or not?
  2. Could the capture app have its own color correction or color profile?

Thanks very much for your reply, efforts and questions, AussieDoc.

I realize now that I was imprecise in my original post, and should have said that I was using OBS Studio - now I am using 27.0.1 (64 bit), but first noticed the problem in the previous build (just downloaded 27.0.1 yesterday).

The problem seems to be inconsistent in that it occurs in some Scrivener projects that I created a while ago, and some new projects (like the one I posted the screenshot from).

I have not changed the OBS settings I created about 6 months ago - I simply open OBS and try to record.

I tried it just now and it worked fine with a project I created last week, and yet it did not work with the project I created yesterday.

Thanks for your question - I am not using any colour correction filters of any sort in OBS.

Thanks for the link to - I have posted there before, and might do so again.

I thought that since the problem occurs with Scrivener, I might as well post here at L&L.

I have also posted on the Scrivener Reddit, and will probably post on the OBS Reddit.

I will continue to try to trouble-shoot this.

Many thanks for your help.

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Thanks for your reply drmajorbob.

I have done some further testing since posting my message (see my reply to AussieDoc), and cannot make head nor tail of this, because the thing that I have learned now is that Scrivener loses its focuses with some projects (when I click ‘record’ in OBS), but not with all projects.

Thanks for asking about whether OBS has its own colour correction profile.

I am familiar with some of its colour settings, but not others, and with my limited knowledge at this point would not say that it has colour correction profiles per se, but I will do some research on that.

Part of what has me scratching my increasingly balding head is that on the occasions that the Binder items background colours disappear when I press ‘record’ in OBS, the ‘label’ colour in the bottom right of the screen remains (i.e., you can see the colour there, and its correct description).

Thanks again.