Scrivener book to write novel recommend (advanced)

What book do you recommend to write novel with scrivener?

I’d recommend the provided learning tools first. The user manual in the interactive tutorial are typically enough for anyone to write a novel with—even just the quick tour in the user manual would probably suffice for most novelists. If you find these instructions opaque however, and would like an external voice, we have a page of books on Scrivener.

Gwen Hernandez has some useful tips on her blog…

is there spanish versión?

I don’t know. You can contact Gwen via her website and ask her.

do you recommend any book? any of your book was writted using scrivener?

Well, it depends.
The manual is useless as it is not written for users.
In addition, if you have the Windows version, it is no good.
So, assuming you have the Mac version, then for Dummies should be OK.

pay no attention to globus999. he,s bitter from all his loses at online poker.

That and he seems bent on being pooping in other people’s sandbox.

The TUTORIAL (I can only assume that is what globus999 is referring too) is written for users. It is not light reading and requires thought and attention. Take your time to do the tutorial exercise and ask as many questions on the forums as you need. That’s what they are here for.

As an aside: Scrivener is a drafting tool, not a writing system. Just like some tools are not right for a specific job (a hammer isn’t the right tool to set a screw, but it would work) Scrivener may not be the right tool for you. That’s one of the reasons the Literature and Latte team have the try out period. Make full use of it.

Let us know if you need any help.

I haven’t felt the need to refer to a book. Followed the Scrivener tutorial provided in the Software, watched the online tutorials (, used the comprehensive help manual provided, and searched the forums. For me, Scrivener is pretty intuitive…backed up by some useful in-house resources that I’ve used for very specific issues or read/watched just to get as much information as possible.

I use Scrivener for all long-form writing, such as books and articles. Great way to organise ideas and structure work.

The forum moderators and users are very generous with their help and support. A community of kindred spirits.

really forum is very clear, friendly :wink:

So, tell us, globus999. Who is it written for?
And what “manual” do you refer to?

That would probably be the PDF manual accessible by hitting F1, or from the Help menu. I do indeed write it for you all though. :slight_smile: If you check this person’s post history, you will perhaps see that more than a single grain of salt is required to consume their comments.

Actually, in fairness, the manual is one of the better written ones I have come across, and the tutorial is very good.

There are a few things that are not intuitive, but in general the software is pretty easy to use.

There are some differences between the Mac and PC version that I would like to see catch up. Like the compile options for kindle, which is a bit basic in the windows version.

But it still does the job and I still prefer using it over Word.

I have written several books with it now.

Theres not that much you need to know really. You don’t actually need to use most of the features.

The big thing is just to create new folders as you go for each chapter. And add them as you need them for research.

You can make it all super-complicated if you like. Or you could just write the thing!

I quite liked David Hewsons Book - Writing a Novel with Scrivener - Not sure you need it, but its an easy read. And if you want some “advanced” ideas, that is as good a place as any to dip in.