Scrivener Causing BSOD? (Blue Screen of Death)

I haven’t seen a thread about this specifically, so does anyone know why Scrivener is CAUSING my Toshiba laptop running Windows 8.1 to crash? It happens when I have Scrivener open and try to run YouTube or Netflix at the same time. The first time it happened, I followed the protocol of updating my display adapter, AMD Radeon HD 8400, to the latest version and tried again. Got the BSOD again in middle of going through the Scrivener Tutorial and popping on a Netflix movie. I went as far as resetting my computer to factory settings (not knowing if it was truly caused by Scrivener and to maybe fix some other Word bugs). I downloaded Avast, Silverlight for Netflix and a 3M Cloud Library for ebooks. No problems, so far so good for a few days of playing videos. Today I did the final test of downloading Scrivener again. Within an hour of playing YouTube in the background and going through the Scrivener tutorial again, I get the BSOD and the thing crashes. :imp:

Can someone help me? I’ll try having just Netflix/Youtube open or just Scrivener, not both at the same time, and see if it still crashes. But it would be nice to have music or something in the background while I’m working in Scrivener. I’m also willing to update to Windows 10 if it’s better at handling multiple programs, but I tried 10 before and switched back, I like Windows 8.1 better and would rather stick with this version if possible. I’m up against a NaNoWriMo deadline and need Scrivener to get organized, already falling behind. So frustrating! Thanks.

Is it only happening when you’re watching a movie or listening to music via your web browser? Have you tried other websites featuring video, or only Netflix and Youtube? Have you tried a different browser? Have you tried it with a media player installed on your machine, like iTunes or VLC?

Testing multiple possibilities is often the easiest way to figure out what’s going on.

Yes, the three or more times it’s happened, I’ve lost count, I was in middle of watching Netflix or Youtube, with Scrivener open to the tutorial. I only use Firefox as a browser. I even tried a fix I read about in the Firefox advanced options, to unclick “hardware acceleration”. So far today I haven’t run any videos, just Scrivener and text web pages, and it hasn’t crashed. No itunes or anything on my computer, just did a factory reset and the only things on it are the ones I mentioned, and also Malwarebytes.

There’s a loud buzzing sound from the speakers for several seconds as it counts down to shutting off that doesn’t sound good. I tried running videos and running Scrivener separately and so far the problem only happens when they run together. Just wondering if someone else has had this problem. I’m not real tech savvy so I hope it’s an easy fix, not changing program codes or anything, I don’t want to mess up the computer even more.

The specific BSOD says “system thread exception not handled” shortly after downloading Scrivener, and while playing Youtube or Netflix.

Some specs:
Toshiba Satellite C55D-A
Processor: AMD A6-5200 APU with Radeon ™ HD Graphics 2.00 GHz
System type: 64 bit

You could try a different browser, say Chrome, or install a media player like VLC, and see if the problem persists. If it doesn’t, that would indicate that the problem is some sort of conflict between Scrivener and Firefox specifically. Then you might try installing an older version of Firefox and see if you still have the problem. If not, then it would mean that it’s a result of one of the many software upgrades that they’ve done since that older version. Since yours is the only case I can recall seeing on these forums, I’m guessing it’s something on your personal system that is causing you problems, and most likely Scrivener is not the cause.

Also, I didn’t see any indication of which version of Scrivener you’re using. Maybe, if it IS Scrivener causing your problem, but it’s the newest version, try uninstalling it and installing an older version. I’ve been using 1.8.6 for a long while now, and haven’t had this issue (I also don’t use Firefox, though, so take that as you will). If you do uninstall and install an older version, try doing so with a specialized uninstaller app like Revo or Final Uninstaller. These will scrub your hard drive for additional files and registry items that a system uninstall doesn’t get rid of.

I watched videos all day yesterday with Scrivener closed and it never crashed, and before that I used Scrivener alone all morning with no problem. It definitely seems like a combination of the two. Thanks for the advice, I’ll try those and let you know.

I’ve been using Google Chrome for the last few weeks, tentatively running Youtube in the background while I work in Scrivener, and the BSOD hasn’t occurred since. Must be an issue with Firefox? Great tip. Although, there is another problem of late: Scrivener will suddenly freeze up. I get the spinning blue loading wheel of death, a grayish screen and a top banner that says “Scrivener (Not Responding)”. Hitting the close button and trying to close in Task Manager does nothing, so I have to close all other windows and restart my computer. This has happened 3 or 4 times now, mid-editing/typing, whether I’m online or offline. Luckily, all the work I did instantly saved and no data on the Scrivener document was lost. But maybe this a problem for another post :unamused: Haven’t tried on older version of Scrivener yet but if the newest version is broken that is kind of ridiculous. At this rate with all the bugs, I’m not sure I’ll buy it when the trial runs out.