Scrivener changes elements in Scriptwriting mode

I am working in Script Modus - Screenplay. Suddenly all my CHARACTER elements are now called General Text, though the indents are still there. However, when compilling to Final Draft, all character names are aligned to the left.
I have tried to change it with Script Settings - Manage - Use current font & paragraph settings, but to no avail.
It is not feasible to change every character element by hand! Is there another solution? Thanks.

I’m on a Mac, so what follows are just suggestions until someone from L&L replies:

Check the Script Format Settings in the document with problems. Make sure the “tab on empty line” for Action and Dialogue is set to Character instead of General Text.

Also check the General Text format settings; you may have reset the margins to match Character Names without realizing it.

Try making a new project, and a new screenplay document inside it. Now type a scene using Scene Heading, Action, Character Name and Dialogue. As you type, check to see that the Character Name is formatted as a Character Name rather than General text. This will tell you if the problem is isolated to the previous project.

You may have to reset or restore your project settings in order to stop the problem from being replicated in every new project.

Hope that helps.

Hi popcornflix, thanks for your reply.
All the elements in Script Format Settings are ok.
(I don’t have settings for General Text at all.)

Also set the elements to default settings.

I have made a small test file and there Characterkeeps its Character settings. For now…

The mysterious thing is that in my Screenplay many Character elements have been changed to General Text, but not all.

It has nothing to do with saving: one day it changes the element, the other day it does not.

Seems like a bug. I hope L&L can deal with this.

Thanks again.

Not sure this is related but for some reason yesterday all my text files in one folder changed to script formatting and the Convert tab under Document just gives me the option of switching to Script (as opposed to back to text). I had to create untitled docs in a new folder and cut and paste my text into those. Which worked fine. But it was a strange glitch.