Scrivener clone?

Ummm…there are blatant similarities between Scrivener and this new app called Storyist.

I don’t want to link to the actual application site here.

Worth looking at in terms of - have they stolen your intellectual property?



pathetic rip off

Storyist is quite different in many ways. It is more like a regular word processor that formats the text as a novel/script as you go and adds extra tools for story work. It doesn’t allow you to work in chunks as Scrivener does, and it can’t be used for academic or other non-fiction writing. It works strictly with scenes and stories. In fact, the screenshots make it look more similar than it really is when you try it out (mainly because of the corkboard). There’s a link to it on my links page - it came out not too long after Scrivener, so I imagine our development periods overlapped and I just beat them to an initial release. It’s partly built on Blocks, Jesse Grosjean’s (of WriteRoom) framework. The Storyist developer seems a nice guy, too, so I really don’t want to get into any flame wars between apps. :slight_smile: I think Scrivener had some influence on the addition of the corkboard to Storyist, as that is a relatively recent addition and I saw Storyist users asking for a feature “like the corkboard in Scrivener”, and they seem to have a scriptwriting mode now, too, but it does things in a different way so some users will prefer Scrivener, others will prefer Storyist.

And in all fairness, as we speak I am pretty much cloning Pages’ format bar as I think it is a better alternative to having all those controls taking up space in two rulers when you have two text documents open with their rulers visible. And Scrivener itself was heavily influenced by Ulysses, CopyWrite, Mori and others; it was just that none did quite what I wanted. I guess the Storyist developer had some similar ideas around the same time, but the two apps are very different in actual implementation. And if there is a nod to Scrivener, then I suppose it’s quite nice to start having an influence on other software. :wink:

All the best,

A commendably reasoned reply!

I confess to not having downloaded or tried Storyist. But I’ve been browsing the site since I posted and it seems very rigidly structured. That might be a good thing for some, I like an more unstructured approach.

The visual similarity (corkboard) is what bothered me, and while you can’t claim to have invented the corkboard it’s a very direct feature-matching attempt.

Competition is good and if us struggling novelists benefit so much the better!

Does the new format bar mean a new release is on the way?



Wal-mart carried a Dr. Pepper rip off named
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Why am I speaking of this?


Dr. Thunder still didn’t live up to Dr. Pepper and was not “equal” in any way. I am not saying this to start an “app war” because to me there is nothing to fight about.

Simply put I bought Scrivener.

The “Dr. Pepper” of Sodas.

I view Storyist as
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OK. Now I want an ice cold Dr Pepper so bad it hurts! :laughing:

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To leap to the defense of Mr. Pibb… As KB points out there is nothing wrong with “imitation” as long as the lines of “infringement” are not crossed. Mr. Pibb does this quite well. Pibb is almost a parody of the cola wars as it is sooo clooose to infringement of Pepper that you sit there wondering why they stopped at the can color, the font, the Mr v Dr, etc. then it dawns on you that it is no different that Mellow Yellow/Mt Dew. So different that you have to think about the fact that they are supposed to be the same. So I like the Pibb approach.

And it tastes pretty darn good.

Mr. Pibb is a strong contender I will give it that.

The funny thing is though where Dr. Pepper stands out is it is independent of Both Pepsi and Coke.

Mr. Pibb was a Coke product to “contend” with Dr. Pepper.

But all the others are conteneders between the two giants (Coke and Pepsi)

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So in that regards that is where Dr. Pepper has stood out amongst all other Sodas. It is considered a Major Brand Name (JUST LKE SCRIVENER :slight_smile: )


It still remains independent of the “giants” not only in its marketing but also in its distribution and customer service. Hence my Dr Pepper Analogy :slight_smile:

Scrivener is in my opinion an “A” brand piece of software but it differs from the other “A” brnad giants (ie. Adobe, Apple, MS) because it is a small independent brand and it retains excellent customer service and support which is usually the first thing that suffers when something becomes big enough to be an “A” brand, making Scrivener unique in its situtation … Just Like Dr. Pepper :slight_smile:

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