Scrivener corrupted?

I suspect it is.
My Scrivener has developed a number of issues over the last year. Some of which have been over shadowed by the current issue.
I cannot compile a consistent copy - except in HTML. That’s different.
It is not holding its font format. One chapter the Chapter title is in Times nr, the next, Courier, a couple more Times, five more Courier.
In HTML it won’t maintain any page breaks, or line spacing, but the font is good.
I have been researching all the ways to set the font in Scrivener, I have literally tried them all.
Last night I finally tried copy and paste onto a new project and of course the issue followed.
This is on top of Scrivener will not close the project, nor the new project now. So every time I start Scrivener it starts with both projects open.
And it is having trouble doing a complete back up. It usually stalls out around 46%, holds that for several minutes, then gives me a window saying it can’t do this. I have to click “ok” and the program disappears.
Its spell check is inconsistent too. As in most of the time it no longer works.

So I am wondering if Scrivener has become corrupt.
If it has is it efficient enough for me to reinstall over the top?
Or do I have relocate all my project files into a separate location and then reinstall?

If anyone has a fix or suggestion for me I would appreciate the help.

As far as to whether you need to relocate your projects if you are going to reinstall Scrivener…

Basically, no. By default, Scrivener stores projects where it suggests (if you accept, your Documents folder?) or where you tell it to. It would not store projects in the actual Scrivener application program folder, unless you specifically told it to.

Safe thing, of course, is to check and verify where the projects are (perhaps from within Scrivener or via File Explorer or My Computer), before proceeding. You are looking for project folders whose names end in .scriv

And, of course, make sure you have off-the-machine backups of your projects somewhere else (DropBox, CDs/DVDs, USB thumb drives, etc.). In general, on a regular basis, not just in the event that you opt to reinstall Scrivener.

Other considerations…

The project could be corrupted. There’s been discussion on the forums, I think, about how one might go about cleaning such up. You can also email the Scrivener folks… think the email links are on the Support page of their web site.

Are you current, running at least a 1.6 or 1.7 (latest is I think) version of Scrivener?

It’s possible that there are other things involved… sync, hardware, software, …

Hope that helps.

SpringfieldMH, Thanks for your reply.

I will look into the corrupt project concept. I tried reinstalling now and that did zip.
Corrupt project is about my last shot at it before I start looking at my computer itself.


Could you explain a little more the actual problems that you’re seeing? Everything that you described sounds like it could just be a normal project with settings that aren’t quite what you want. For instance, if you’re not overriding formatting in compile, then each document will maintain its own formatting. Changing the default editor formatting won’t affect those existing documents, only new ones you create, so you’d need to use Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style on them to reformat them to match your defaults.

There is a spell check bug in 1.7.2 where “check spelling as you type” gets disabled after you’ve opened the compile dialog or Project Statistics (which runs compile in the background to get the correct word and page count). You can get it working again for the session by opening Tools > Options and clicking OK–assuming you have “check spelling as you type” enabled in the first place, this will kick it into action again.

I know in your original post you said you tried all the ways to change fonts. But I was having a similar font problem during compiling where Ch. 1 would be in Courier, the next 3 chapters in Arial (or whatever the default epub font is), and then a switch back to Courier. This happened throughout the manuscript. I tried converting to default, selecting all and changing to a different font, etc., but none of it worked - I’d still get the same switches in font at compile. And your post is the only one I could find that talked about this particular problem.

Eventually I figured out a way to get it to work with my document. I hope it works for you, too. So, if you haven’t already, you may try going into the compile -> all options -> formatting…then select each level individually (at the top where they’re listed at first) and then go into the text area at the bottom, right or control click -> font -> show fonts…and select the same font for each of the levels. Then go back in and change the fonts for the titles, if you want. Try compiling after that and see if it works.

Unfortunately, I have no idea about any of the other problems you mentioned.

Good luck!

Thanks asirainira - I was having a similar issue with fonts changing for no apparent reason. Even went so far as editing the epub file in Calibre and examining the html etc - and there was nothing in the code to show why the font was changing erratically throughout the epub version. But this simple trick solved it.

The fonts problem should be fixed with v1.9.6.0. If you still experience problems on newly created/edited documents and projects, please give us a shout.