Scrivener could be a great Teleprompter!

Scrivener could be a pretty good Teleprompter for video using fullscreen mode. All important features like formatting etc. are allready built in and can be adjusted for fullscreen mode.

Only things needed: A simple Play Button + Scroll-Speed-Control.

I have tested quite some software-teleprompters for Mac and iPad and to be honest - they usually are overpriced and offer only a fraction of Scriveners abilities.

What a great additional feature this would be. I am writing scripts for video in Scrivener on my Macbook Pro and now they have to be seperately transferred to a teleprompter software for the video recordings.

You may check some software-teleprompters for Mac and you might see the additional benefit Scrivener could offer to YouTubers or other video-presenters, who are often a single person writing the scripts and recording themselves with help of teleprompters.

What do you think?