Scrivener could not create a project

“Scrivener could not create a project at /Users/my name/Documents/Scrivener/Title.scriv”

Hello, I am finally the proud owner of Scrivener… but Scrivener didn’t wellcome me yet: it can’t create any projects. I have no idea why, maybe soemone can tell me what is happenning.


PS - This did not happen in my tryal or beta time.

This error usually indicates one of the following things:

  • You don’t have enough disk space.
  • You don’t have permissions to write files to the selected location.
  • Some other file system error.

Unfortunately the file system doesn’t tell Scrivener what has gone wrong when it fails to write to disk - but this is what is happening here; your file system is refusing to let Scrivener write the new project to disk.

Check permissions and disk space (it’s unlikely to be the latter, I know) and let me know if the issue persists.

(Thanks for buying!)

All the best,

Hello dear Keith!

Remember when I just had my first computer, was dismased at how Word worked, and wrote you for the Beta?
You think it was lack of interest it took me so long to buy? No! It was always the plan, but It’s just that some of us on this earth need to … well, be able to buy it! DevonT is still waiting… :slight_smile: and others…
Tonight’s problem is just solved: it was about the folder where it was going to save it’s documents. Maybe some confusion with me having some S in diferent places? Scrivener accepted another folder, this time in my documents.

By the way, may I ask you something. Lately I learned that for what I am doing text boxes are crucial instruments. I put a lot of little pieces of text, or sumarys etc, in text boxes which I can and moove a lot. These text boxes are functioning perfectly in Word or Pages. It seems to me that S doesn’t have this, right? If not, would that be something you would want to bring in? This may be the decisieve thing to wether I can use S to create my language lessons - or not. And I hope I can, of course…

Best regards, and thanks for all your goed work.


The next update has an annotation panel… It’s not quite the same as Word’s comments, as you can only view one annotation at a time, but it should suffice for those who like that sort of thing…