Scrivener crashes every day

Hi. Everyday, the first time I open scrivener (different projects), it closes within 5 mins.

More info is that it typically saves file changes, but loses the history. (After I open it again, “Show last document viewed.” Is incorrect.)

Hi Onward, this is not any kind of normal experience with Scrivener, over the many years,

It sounds like something is a bit haywire with your laptop/workstations disk or its filesystem. This would be a Windows problem. If it is, it may be more than Scrivener where you start seeing trouble.

There’s a utility which can perhaps find and fix this, if it’s not something more serious in Windows itself. It’s called chkdsk, but I would not use it unless you are entirely comfortable with your knowledge for such a thing.

Much safer to get a knowledgeable friend or trustworthy shop to help.

And the first thing they will say is, before running any repair utility like this, you should very surely first do a off-machine backup of all your important files. Scrivener’s included, but really it should be the whole machine, or at the least, all of your personal files.

The reason: chkdsk itself should be safe, but there may be a worse underlying problem with your machine, and in that case chkdsk or any utility might fail, or even make matters worse.

In any case, the full external backup at least of all your own files including Documents, Scrivener projects, and any others prepares you in case the problem is so deep that it needs rebuilding of your entire Windows installation. This is less likely with Windows 10, but it still does happen…

Experience makes us careful. And best fortune to you on this, of course.

I uninstalled and noticed it was version 3.0.0. On reinstall (and new download), it’s 3.0.1

  • It’s the 64-bit version.
  • My .Net Framework:
    Client 4.8.04084
    Full 4.8.04084
  • I’m on Windows 10

The first time I opened the new copy, it started loading and then crashed before opening the window. I still see and grayed out in my list of apps, so I guess the reason I didn’t have to put the license number in again is because Scrivener is leaving things behind.

No, it’s just Scrivener. And I didn’t have this problem with the beta version
Thanks for the potentially useful advice though

Just as a test, try temporarily disabling your antivirus software. Many posters have experienced issues with an overly enthusiastic AV tripping up Scrivener (even when the beta had no such issues).

If this causes the situation to improve, then go into your AV settings and whitelist Scrivener.


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I used Revo to uninstall and remove some of the registry values for Scrivener 3 and Scrivener 3 beta. (The greyed out apps are still in Add or Remove Programs though.) When I reinstalled, it asked for my license code.
So far, it’s looking good

Good idea with the Revo, and I hope it works for you.

If not, JimRac has made an excellent suggestion above regarding virus blockers. Somehow this slipped my mind as a possible cause, even though we’ve seen many cases of it. Mea culpa :slight_smile:

So if you continue to have problems, try that next. There are a number of threads you can find, probably by searching ‘virus’ alone, as there are several phrases used to name these.