Scrivener Crashes in fullscreen mode, when [BUG LOGGED]

Dear Scrivener Team,

I encountered multiple crashes of the fullscreen editor as soon as I used the mousewheel to scroll down.
I had 5 documents opened. These use different fonts/ formatting (Copy paste import and html import of whole document and “split using selection as title”) . They don’t have carriage returns withing but don’t fill the paperwidth when I enter fullscreen. As soon as I change paperwidth they do. Scrolling down Scrivener crashes

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P.S.: The crash sadly does not occur every time I do this
P.P.S.: But it does occur even without mouse-wheel when I single or double click in one text

I played around with this one and was able to reproduce it consistently under certain circumstances.

Mousewheel locks up Scrivener consistently when I select my Manuscript folder (which is my draft folder, so I’m selecting the whole book), select Show Text View, press F11 for full screen, and start using the mouse wheel without first clicking in the text to set the insertion point there.

Mousewheel does NOT lock up Scrivener if I
– select the Manuscript folder, Show Text View, go full screen with F11, click anywhere in the text, then use the mouse wheel
– select of 3 or 4 files in Show Text View, go full screen with F11, then use mouse wheel (no need to click in text first)
– open a single file in Show Text View, go full screen with F11, then use mouse wheel (no need to click in text first)

The issue may be one of length. My manuscript folder has 39.345 words, and I’m using Windows 7 64 bit.

Hope that helps with replicating the issue.

I get this crash even when I just invoke the fullscreen editor. What differs is that I use F11 to launch it. I will try to reproduce this behaviour and make some movies.



I’ve been unable to replicate this; however I don’t have XP 64 bit. I do have Win7 64 bit, Win7, Vista and XP 32bit though. Are you all running XP 64 bit?


Lee, I’m running Windows 7 64bit


I had another application crashing today repeatedly so I cleaned my registry to see wether it is related to that.

I’ll report wether these crashes still happen.

Cheers Markus

P.S.: I had a video from the last crash but sadly it is broken. How to post these?

I tried to find any correlation between crashes and actions. The results sadly are none. It died until now:
-after some editing
-at first click into the fullscreen editor
-at scrolling using the mousewheel
-at editing texts using different fonts
-at editing texts usind identical fonts
-at just pressing F11 (it died as soon as the editor was fullscreen

Only thing which was common in all cases is that I edited multiple texts. Until now it NEVER died when editing one single document.

Therefore I assume it is related to having access to multiple document. But this stands in conflict with the standard editor being stable (is it a different editor??). Any “Pointer problems”??

I will now extensively test fullscreen with single documents

Crashes also when editing a single file.

Perhaps compiling a 64 bit Version might fix that?

First hint:

I am not 100% shure but:
as far as I remember there was a common thing when Scrivener crashed
The editor “resized the fonts”. I produced 5 crashes and everytime I could see the text in smaller font, then it was resized and Scrivener crashed. So this may be related to the font resizing problems?

I will record screencasts to be able to see wether this is right. Where can I upload these?

I just tested a few things.

Test 1: Clicked on WIP folder (which is inside draft folder), selected Show Text View, then went to full-screen via nifty button. As soon as I tried to scroll with mouse it crashed.

Test 2: Clicked on WIP folder, selected Show Text View, went to full-screen. As soon as I CLICKED on the text it crashed.

Test 3: Clicked on WIP folder, selected Show Text View, went full-screen. Used only the arrow keys or Page Up/Down buttons. This does NOT crash Scrivener, and it also THEN allows me to use the mouse.

I am running Win 7, 32-bit.

ETA: Just tested with a new file completely. 7 docs under Draft folder with 2 words each (and about a page worth of space between them). It crashes and doesn’t crash at random. I thought it crashed if I tried scrolling too soon (like before I gave it time to really work, if that makes sense), but that is random, too.

Sadly the guess above whas not right. Fullscreen edit crashes whenever it wants. One document (rare but occurs) many documents quite often…

The only thing sure at the moment:
it is enough to start fullscreen editor repeatedly without any action else. I tested it five times and I could make it die just by pressing F11 and Esc repeatedly and often enough. It does crash more often with multiple documents but with single document it does not seem to be dependent of document length (I tested a short and a 36000 Word document).

I recorded several crashes as screencast so let me know wether you’re interested in. Just a rough guess again since it is so much random within: Probably a Memory leak in the fullscreen editor?

I’m giving up using the fullscreen editor for writing purpose since it crashes at least 3 times out of 10.

Best Regards,

P.S.: I tested compatibility mode also. That does not change anything

Debugging Info: I produced another crash to have some debugging data… Since I’m not a developer to me it means absolutely nothing but hopefully it is helpfull for the team. The crash file are attached to this posting.scrivener_crash.png. (last crash there were two and they have been placed in an extra folder ?!)

I hope this can give a hint

I searched for installed qt4lib.dll and found several different versions:qt4dll.png
IN my exes none of these is visible for scrivener.
Path is C:\Program Files (x86)\GTK\bin;C:\Python26;D:\grebenst\Programme;%GROOVY_HOME%\bin;C:\Programme\strawberry\perl;C:\Programme\strawberry\c\bin;C:\Programme\strawberry\perl\site\bin;C:\Programme\strawberry\perl\bin

EDIT2: I didn’t have a single crash outside of the fullscreen editor and I have an average usage of appro. 3-4 h a day starting on the very first release day of beta 1.0.0
cab8_appcompat.txt (37.3 KB)

Just to let you know:

The Fullscreen window still crashes regularly but not reproducable which makes me guess it is a memory- leak or something similar within QT4.

I had been using full screen with no problem, until i wanted to have the inspector open too. i hit the inspector button in the bottom of full screen, nothing happens. I exit full screen pull up the inspector then re-enter full screen thru the arrowed button at the top of the screen. and then scrivener crashed, the notice i received was “scrivener.exe has stopped working, windows is looking for a solution” but no solution was found and i was prompted to close the program. i went back in to make sure i could reproduce this with the text i left here and it worked fine the first time. but i noticed that all of my sub-documents had weird spacing and only took up half the available page so i played with the paper width and the text went back to normal, i exited full screen and pulled up the inspector (the button inside of full screen mode still didn’t work) and then went back to full screen and it crashed with the same message. also i would like to note that even though it had not crashed the first time is till did not have access to the inspector like i had thought i might. in case this isn’t actually possible at this time i cant wait for it to be possible cause i would love to be able to have my notes out when i do write or edit. :slight_smile:

1.3 on windows 7 (32-bit)

Thanks everyone, I have added this as a bug and will look into this. There’s some good details in here. I certainly appreciate all your efforts in reporting these. Thank you.


I also faced this problem when I go to fullscreen mode. Sometimes it happens immediately, at other times I need to go into fullscreen mode, exit and enter fullscreen mode again. Usually by the second time I enter fullscreen mode, it will crash. Some steps I’ve taken:

Select a folder and go to fullscreen mode.

Select a folder, go to text view, go to fullscreen mode, exit fullscreen mode and enter fullscreen mode again.

Select a folder, go to text view, go to fullscreen mode, exit fullscreen mode. Then select a document and enter fullscreen mode.
I’m using Windows 7 64bit and Scrivener 1.3 and I press F11 to go into fullscreen mode. I’ve not faced any problems with fullscreen mode of a single document. I’ve attached a text file of the crash details. I’m not a developer so it doesn’t make sense to me but I hope that it might be useful in solving this problem.
fullscreen crash.txt (563 Bytes)