Scrivener crashes on opening

Hello, Scrivener crashes this morning and closes every time I try to open it. I tried from the dock, from the Applications folder, from individual projects, nothing to do. I’m desperate.
On the Mac I use Catalina 10.15.7.

I worked with the program until 2 am this morning and everything was fine. What can I do?

When I open it, it directly loads 3 recent projects: could one of them be damaged?

Thanks for your help

Yes, it’s likely something went wrong in one of those projects and the auto-load feature is putting you in a bad cycle. The first thing you’ll want to do is get out of that: hold down the Shift key when clicking on Scrivener in the Dock and keep it held down until you see the template chooser. This key keeps it from auto-loading projects.

Now what you’ll want to do is open and close each of the three projects you are working on until it crashes. If there is no crash, then maybe just load all three again, and close and reopen to software to see if that was good enough of a routine to get out of whatever was happening.

If one or more projects crash on load, we can look into that—to stress this is almost never a fatal problem, generally it just means a bad PDF, picture or web archive file got imported. If the software doesn’t load at all even with no projects, then the first thing to try is resetting your preferences.

Thank you so much for your answer.
I followed your instructions and opened the 3 projects individually: in fact, with 2 I had no problems, but when I open the last one the program goes into crush.
How can I get it back? I specify that yesterday I didn’t add any files, images or anything else. I just edited a text.

All right, good to know there shouldn’t be any corrupt media in the project. There are a few very rare bugs that can cause crashes in the text alone—if you’ve copied and pasted or imported from existing word processing files, that would be the most likely cause there.

But first, go through this checklist on the project that is crashing. You will need to use the manual approach described further down, as the easy method needs the project to be open.

In most cases that will be all you need to do. Most crashes like this result from corrupted project settings, and that procedure will fully reset them all.

Thank you very much.

I followed the guide with the manual approach and at the moment the project remains open, everything seems to work fine.

Thanks again, you saved my day!

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