Scrivener crashes, re-install not successful


I managed to f*** up my Scrivener install. I tried loading a huge image as a background texture for the editor (“image” because I wanted to emulate Ommwriter, “huge” because of how Scrivener handles textures…) and at some point the app crashed.

Opening it again would result in the “Hey, I’ve crashed before, send an e-mail” window but this one is unresponsive already and I can only wait for Scrivener to shut down.

I went to ~/library/application support/ and deleted the Scrivener folder, but that didn’t do anything.

So I downloaded Scrivener again, trashed the and everything Scrivener-related that Spotlight turned up, dropped the fresh into the applications folder, REBOOTED my Mac and … same frickin’ thing. Scrivener locks up on the New Document window, then shows the “Crashed Before” window and eventually crashes.

What can I do?
Where does Scrivener store the things I need to trash to just get a minty fresh install?


For anything that you do in the Preferences pane that causes the application to go unstable, you need to reset the preferences files. On a Mac these are all stored in the ~/Library/Preferences folder, using a naming convention. Just look for com.literatureandlatte.scrivener2 files and remove them from the folder.

By the way, if this is Composition Mode customisation thing, maybe View/Composition Backdrop/ would be a better tool to use than a texture setting, if it is a large image.