Scrivener crashes when entering/leaving full screen

  1. Create a new blank Project and create a second document
  2. Go full screen
  3. Create a Layout and check Use Selected Layout When Entering Full Screen
  4. In Scrivenings Mode (cmd+1), select the two of Documents in the Binder
  5. Exit full screen. Scrivener will crash


Once you have an active “entering full screen” layout, the same process will cause Scrivener to crash when entering full screen.

If no full screen Layout is active, then Scrivener doesn’t crash.

I’d appreciate an acknowledgement of this bug.

In case it isn’t clear – because I spent the time to create a minimum case failure – this is a general failure when leaving full screen with Scrivenings in the active editor.

I’m impacted by this crash approximately ten times a day, because of the inability (probably due to Apple) to reassign the Esc-key from exiting full screen, and it having multiple other functions. Thus, if I touch it one time too many… Boom! And because I usually have three or four Projects open at a time, the impact is onerous.