Scrivener Crashes when I am Trying to Open a File

Ok, I am running 10.4.9 and after using the trial I decided to get the license. After buying the license I also downloaded 1.1.1 of Scrivener. I opened it, put in the license and was given the Scrivener toolbar and when I go to the “Open” function I try to retrieve an old file. At that moment I get the “Application Scrivener quit unexpectedly” note. I have also reinstalled the disc image a couple of times and the same results occur over and over. I hope you can help me. Perhaps even send me to an old disc image site so I can get this thing up and running. And I hope this helps you fix the bug.

You might want to update to 10.4.11. There are some pretty significant updates to OSX in there. It is possible that the scriv 1.11 release just happens to hit one of the OSX bugs that was fixed in 4.10 or 4.11.

If you can’t update to 4.11 let me know as it always helps to see if the error is reproducible on other systems.



Could you please provide some extra information - I’ll do my best to get you up and running ASAP, of course:

  1. When the program quits, could you get the crash report (where it says “Report” or whatever when it crashes, click on that, but instead of sending to Apple - don’t do that - just copy the gobbledegook crash report and post it here).

  2. Open up the Console application (from Applications/Utilities). Launch Scrivener, then try to open your project again. When Scrivener crashes, see what gets written to the console. Send me what it says on the console about Scrivener, if anything.

  3. Could you zip up the project that is causing problems and send it to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com. Contents remain confidential and projects are deleted once I’ve found out the problem, of course.

Really sorry you’re having problems. Hopefully we can fix things pretty quickly. If you want to contact me directly by e-mail, too, I will probably be able to sort you out more quickly.

Thanks and all the best,