Scrivener crashes when taking snapshot

If I take a snapshot, Scrivener crashes – beachballs, must force quit.
Reliable bug on the first snapshot of the day. After a crash/restart, no issue. Also noticed if I manually “save” first, and then take snapshot, it seems to be fine.

ongoing several months. Mac 3.3.1

Hmm, interesting that it only happens just that one time per day, even after a restart. I wonder if it has to do with accessing the “camera click” sound file that it ordinarily plays. If you go into the Behaviors: Snapshots preference pane, and disable Play shutter sound when snapshots are taken, does this resolve the problem? It is perhaps not a solution if you do like having the sound, but it’s a clue anyway.

Of course the option right below it could be a factor as well, if perhaps the system notification queue isn’t playing quite right with Scrivener for some reason.

How do you typically leave Scrivener overnight, do you leave it running with projects open and sleep the computer, or do you close up everything and log in fresh, etc?

To where are you saving the snapshots? Internal drive on the Mac, or USB, or a cloud sync service, or a file server, or other?

What do you mean by “screenshotting”? (should be snapshotting?)

Are you taking snapshots instead of or in addition to doing routine/automated Scrivener backups?