Scrivener crashing consistently after entering full screen

Hi there,

Yesterday I began examining Scrivener, with pleasurable results. I’m trying it out because I’m looking for a powerful though simple text editor to write my thesis in. I used Writeroom and Neo Office before, but seeing that Scrivener is able to manage large amounts of text and more, while also having a ‘distraction free’ Full Screen mode, makes it very interesting for me to buy.

However, I’ve run into a very consistent and nagging problem this morning: Scrivener crashes on me consistently every time after entering full screen, regardless of what I have openend. There isn’t much I’ve done yet besides making my way through the tutorials.

I fell quite in love with Scrivener yesterday, but I’m happy I followed my mother’s advice and didn’t get married too quickly. However, I want to put in the effort to make this work, because when thinking of me and Scrivener, the future looks bright.



Sorry you’re experiencing problems. This is an odd one, as I have rarely heard of crashes involving full screen. Could you post a crash log? (When it crashes and you get the “Send to Apple” box, copy the contents and post it here.) Also, try creating a fresh project - does that crash in full screen too? If not, then zip up the crashing project and send it to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com so I can take a look. Finally, take a look on the console (open from ~/Applications/Utilities and look to see if it reports anything when Scrivener crashes) and post anything that tells you (it will spew out a lot of stuff about paragraph formatting which is harmless - some debugging code I accidentally left in the last release - but there may be more useful information there too).

Thanks and all the best,