Scrivener Deactivated for no reason

Hello. I bought license code for Scrivener in January 2019. Today i got a message from app that licence has been deactivated. I don’t understand the reason for this. There was an update recently, but it wasn’t major update, so it’s not the case of buying license for new major version. If I try to enter license key, it says «Please ensure that you are connected to the internet and that the license code you entered is correct. If you have activated this license before, it is possible you have run out of activations; in which case, please deactivate the license on another computer and try again». I never activated it on other computers so no issue here. I need help with this, because i like Scrivener and want to keep using it.

Definitely get in touch with tech support. Sorting out licence issues is something that requires personal information. There is a cap on activation, which you might have accidentally hit, and we can help you with that.