Scrivener: differing headers

My book has 5 parts. (Currently the header for part 1 goes all through the book). I want a different header for each part.
How do I do this and then compile it all into one pdf file?
(Each part has its own file).
Many thanks;

Hi Josh!
When you compile, go to the Page Settings pane, where you’ll find Header and Footer fields, and enter <$sectiontitle> as a header. This will look for the last Binder item which used a page break, and create a header based on the title.
Now open the Contents pane of the Compile options. For each part of your book you want to have a new header, check the box for ‘Pg Break Before’. Compile to PDF as normal, and you’ll find the title of each part shows up as the header.
You can find a list of other useful header and footer tokens in section 24.22 of the User Manual.


Hi Jonny,
Thanks for your reply.
Didn’t manage to get it to work because (I forgot to mention) it’s a book of poetry with each page being a separate single page so the header became the poem title, rather than the section title.
I checked through section 24.22 but it seems headers are based around using page-breaks and single pages as occasional items in longer chapters. In my book every single page is a ‘chapter’.
If you’ve got any more ideas I’d be happy to hear them.
(I will also posted this as a general question)