Scrivener does not recognize the Cantarell Font

Hello, everyone.

I’ve run into an issue with Scrivener this morning. I’ve installed the Cantarell font (mostly because it looks prettier and bigger for scriptwriting), but Scrivener does not show it in the font picker when editing the script format (but it shows up in the Font Override in the Section Type tab). All of my other software shows Cantarell as a font choice.

Any guesses?


  1. Quit and restart Scrivener
  2. Cold boot the Mac (turn it off and then on again)
  3. Validate the font’s integrity


Are you able to use the font in Scrivener’s main editor? (That is, when typing into a normal text document, not in script mode.)

Is Cantarell a monospace font?


It’s a font used in the GNOME desktop. I was a Linux user for a short while, but I’ve always liked the clear look of Cantarell. Anyway, a reinstall of Scrivener has fixed the issue.