Scrivener does not remember the position my caret is at when I leave a file.

I understand that Scrivener is a hybrid word processor, in that it won’t do everything exactly as a run of the mill word processor does. But here’s my particular issue.

I have many files which are research notes. Many of those files are very long, information-packed texts. Say I have one open in the left pane of the editor with my WIP in the other. I’m down about two-thirds of a long wall of text, then I switch to another file in that pane to pick up another piece of information.

When I switch back to the previous file, which I left at the two-thirds down level, I’m brought in at the bottom every time, no matter where I left off before. This isn’t so inconvenient for short notes, but for long ones it’s a glitch in my process to find where I need to be…again.

My assumption is that this happens because new typing always(?) starts following the last bit. But it would be “nice” if Scrivener remembered the caret position for each file, rather than resetting to the bottom every time. Perhaps a selection like, “Convert to Reference”, could be incorporated to signify that certain files need to pick up right where the writer leaves off, allowing the WIP files to continue opening at the bottom.

Thanks for reading, and thank you so much for the hard development work.

Hi, the position should be remembered when you work on a single document. It should be restored when you come back to that single document. This is not true, if you view multiple documents in Scrivenings mode.
If this is not the case we will need more info to reproduce it, but this should be working on single documents.

Maybe I have the same issue. I have been meaning to post this to the wishlist (where is it?):

When clicking back into scrivener from another document or app it would be helpful to NOT set the cursor anew with the first click but to find it where one left off (as is the case in e.g. Word) and set the cursor anew with the second click.