Scrivener doesn't open

Hey there, I really need help. I’ve been working on Scrivener for months now.
Yesterday as I was going to continue writing after my computer had been put to sleep, I couldn’t access Scrivener anymore. I got some error message about two Scrivener (I had just made a backup on my external drive, and Ive done this before).

The problem is now I cannot open Scrivener from my desktop - error message says it’s on a disc that has been ejected. I plug in the external drive but still cannot open it, and I cannot open the copy on the external drive either.
What’s going on, anybody knows this problem and can help me? Please help out, I’ve months of work on my Scrivener.
Thanks a lot in advance!

I should add that I use a Mac.

This is the message I keep getting:

You can’t open the application “%@” because the disk it is on has been ejected.

I only made a copy of my folder from the desktop on to my external drive.

Problem solved! I called Apple.

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