Scrivener export to epub - preserve underlining

Hi everyone,

New user of Scrivener here. Such a wonderful product - makes documents organization and preparation so much easier. Excellent keyboard support, various additional / help information and - hopefully - great support :slight_smile:

I have some unexpected problems with the epub preparation of my first book finished in Scrivener 1.9.7 on Windows 7 PC. Parts of the text have some basic formatting - underline. These look OK in Scrivener. I compile the book as epub, making sure that ‘override text and notes formatting’ is not checked. However, when I open the resulting file on the PC - either with SumatraPDF, IceCream reader or FBreader - no formatting is preserved. Interestingly, if I open it with FBreader on Android - the underlining is visible. And if I open the epub file in Calibre - formatting is preserved as well.

Now, I edit the same epub file in Calibre and underline the same words. Then save a copy of the file as epub. When I open the new file in Sumatra - the underlining is available .

I tried to change the fonts of the original scrivener document, to recreate the formatting, even to itali-ze the text and use ‘convert italics to underline’ in the compile dialog - still with the same result. And no underlining preserved when the file is opened in Sumatra.

Is it possible to make the underlining ‘universal’ when compiling an epub in Scrivener? Or is there a setting or function that I am missing or have overlooked? Any suggestions other than recreating all the formatting in Calibre :- ?)

Thanks in advance!