Scrivener fails to install on Windows 10

I downloaded the Scrivener installation files for Windows from the Literature and Latte site.

I ran the file. Windows asked me if I wanted to allow the app to make changes to my device. I said yes.

Then a window appeared in the center of the screen with the Scrivener logo. It said “Scrivener for Windows”.

Then, that window disappeared and another window appeared in the lower right hand of the screen saying “Welcome to the Scrivener Setup Wizard”. Then…nothing. The installation freezes at that window.

I’ve tried deleting the installation file and re-downloading it. I’m only running Windows Defender for security, so no McAfee. or anything like that. I have the latest, updated version of Windows 10. My notebook is only a couple of months old with a 7th Gen Intel i7.

Any help?

This is, unfortunately, happening to me as well. I had to uninstall Scrivener due to it not opening up and struggling to get it to download back to my computer.

I am having the same issue. Any clues as I want to use Scrivener on my new HP Laptop.

It sounds like something on your system might be blocking the installation process. The most likely culprit is your anti-virus software. Please delete the installer you used before then restart your computer in Safe Mode with Networking. You can find instructions on how to do that here:

Then disable your anti virus software (if it started up) and clear your browser’s cache (or use a different browser) and download a fresh installer from here: Save it to your Desktop and run to install Scrivener.