Scrivener fails to open

I have been using Scrivener for Windows (v1.2.x) for the past few weeks and found it to be really useful. I have about 12 days left, but had not used it for about a week but had left it open on the taskbar. A couple of days ago windows updates installed and auto-restarted my PC. When I tried to open Scrivener, nothing happened.
I tried rebooting, still the same. I found that Scrivener.exe was appearing in my process list in task manager, but the program was not loading for use.
In the end I have copied my story files to a backup device and uninstalled / re-installed Scrivener (also carried out the update to v1.5.x). Scrivener opens and appears to work OK again, but I am just a bit concerned that I had such a complete failure. Does anyone have any thoughts on what might have gone wrong? Oh - by the way I am running on Windows 7 pro.
I intend to buy the software, but want to be sure that this issue won’t happen regularly before I do!