Scrivener files on both laptop and desktop

I’m going to be traveling, and wonder what the best way is to handle my writing files. Copy them over to the laptop and then copy them back to my desktop when I return?
Any suggestions would help me.

That’s a good approach, yes. Even though Scrivener projects are folders with lots of stuff in them, they can still be effectively worked with as though they are “files” in the same way that you might copy a .doc over to the laptop and work on it for a while there, then copy it back when you return home. That is in fact one of the ideas behind the project format: to make it easy to copy everything you need to work on your project, and to present the same working environment no matter where you take it.

When I copy between computers, I tend to use .zip because that compresses everything in the .scriv folder down to one file. That makes it faster to copy, more portable (you can e-mail it to yourself if it is small enough) and just easier to handle than a folder with say, a hundred files in it. The File/Back Up/Back Up To… menu command is handy for this as it has a built-in option to compress to a zip file for you. Once you get the project copied over to the laptop, simply extract the contents of the .zip to your working location of choice, navigate into the .scriv folder, and double-click the project.scrivx file to load the project. Everything should be precisely as it was when you used the backup command.

Thank you!
Done. Ready to travel this afternoon.

I sync my laptop and desktop by placing my writing files inside a Dropbox folder. As long as you have an Internet connection they’ll stay in sync with each other. There’s even some error checking built into Scrivener to make sure you don’t have it open on more than one computer.