Scrivener for Android + ipad questions

I think it would be awesome if we had scrivener for android. I for one would buy it in a heartbeat but such a feature rich software might be impossible for android, especially the touch screen interface.

BTW, how well does windows and IOS version work together? I’ve heard of some issues here and there but if they can play nice I just might buy me an ipad for Christmas just for working on my book on the go. Heck, I would even make sure it was a 4g ipad to boot and buy a card for it, or swap my tablet’s back and forth if I can.

I’ve read elsewhere on the forums that the Windows team has an Android version in the works. It could be a long time before it’s released (it took about 4 years for the iOS version to come out), and there’s no telling what the minimum system requirements will be.

As for the iOS version, it works perfectly well with the Windows version, so long as you’re careful. The issues I’ve seen on the forums stem from one of a few base issues: Some problem with the upgrade of the old Scrivener project format causes mobile sync issues, users didn’t understand that they had to sync projects on their mobile devices before AND after they edit a project before switching to/from Scrivener on their “desktop” computer, or they simply get impatient and don’t wait for the full Dropbox sync to happen before opening the project.

I’ve experienced the first of those issues recently with iOS<->Mac syncing, and the solution was to save a duplicate copy of my project on my Mac and replace the original. It was a minor issue having to do with the display of synopses on the mobile version, and no data was ever in jeopardy.

thanks rdale, I wasn’t sure if I should put a nice ipad on my wishlist or not, cause I would get one Just for scrivener, and swap the sim cards around as I needed to. but if there’s going to be an android version in the works then I can wait…i think…not! stares at an eBay listing willing for the money to get a nice iPad gen 4 lol. I tried a windows tablet but the 4g didn’t work and I didn’t like how expensive the more modern ones are nor how small their hard drives are. 16gb just isn’t large enough for scrivener and tghe full ms office suite and dropbox. I kept running out of room on a wifi tablet and I know I would run out of room on a 4g windows tablet because I would need the home, not the RT version of 10

I don’t know about iPads, but the latest iPhones do not have removable SIM cards. You might want to check on that before you buy.

OTOH, I haven’t had a problem getting connectivity for my WiFi-only iPad, and they’re a lot cheaper. Lots of places have WiFi, you can use your phone as a hot spot in a pinch, and remember that Scrivener can work without a connection and synchronize later if needed.


I have to agree with Katherine about the sim cards. It makes more sense to me to use your phone as a wifi hotspot for your tablet when you don’t have any other wifi available than to swap sim cards. For that matter, I can’t think of a single instance where I’d have a tablet but not my phone with me (or be on a regular wifi network), so investing in the 3g/4g/whatever version of a tablet seems like a waste of money.

@ xade. I have an iPad Air 2 64 Gb, and Scrivener runs well on it. Like you are considering , I bought it just for Scrivener. But I use it for a lot of other things now too!

Syncing to my Pc has worked great.

I use Scrivener on an iPad Air (from 2014) and an iPad Pro (12") and of course my Macbook(s), and it works equally well on all. No syncing problems. No capacity problems. But then I am careful and only have active projects in the syncing folder on Dropbox, so the iPads wont have to download everything I have ever worked on.

ive been a windows and android girl most of my adult life. I tried ipad and didnt like it. But since scrivener is out Id be happy to try it again. the one im debating on is this one The reason I want a 4g enabled tablet is because sometimes, on rare occasions I lose my internet and must wait a few days before I can afford to get my net back. However, this was before I had a phone capable of hotspot sharing, do I just might simply opt for more space and go for the 64 gig 4th gen instead. Should I go for the mini for maximum portability or the full sized?

I considered a Mini, but ultimately decided when I’m out & about I would write on my iPhone 5s.

You might want to consider a bluetooth keyboard for whichever iPad you end up with. I bought a Perixx folding keyboard (PERIBOARD-805LII W - the white one is for iOS) and am happy with it.

Using the bluetooth keyboard actually makes writing on the little 5s screen quite productive. I was shocked, because I was sure writing on the 5s would not work out. But YMMV.

If you consider a Mini you might just as well get an iPhone 7 plus. Then you’d have phone and mini tablet in one. The 12" pro is BIG but the 9.7" iPads are perfect in size.

I have a perfectly good note 4 that I love using. Buying an iphone is wayyy out of my comfort zone, as I would have to completely learn how to use a whole OS. Plus,it would be a device that I must use all the time. A tablet is a choice, a phone is a necessity. I’ll compare the mini and full size the next time im in a store and see what size will do me before committing. Might just go into a cashland, which is like a pawnshop/cash advance place and buy one from there, might be a lot cheaper than ebay.

FWIW, I have an iPad Mini and love it, and don’t consider the iPhone 7 “comparable” at all. (I just checked, the iPhone 7 is about 1/3 the size of the Mini.)

The Mini + Bluetooth keyboard combination I use is about the same size and only slightly heavier than the paper notebook I would have been using before. Big enough to do real work, small enough to take almost anywhere.

As this thread suggests, though, it’s very much a matter of personal preference. I’d recommend visiting an Apple Store or other vendor with enough different versions for you to decide for yourself.


It’s all a question of taste and experience, and eye sight. The Mini is 2048-by-1536 resolution at 326 pixels per inch, whereas the iPhone 7 plus is 1920-by-1080-pixel resolution at 401 ppi. The Mini 7.9" and the 7 plus 5.5". So it’s more like 2/3 the size. But as Katherine suggests, go to a store and look and handle them.

About switching from Android to iOS… it’s much easier than you think. iOS is much more logical and easy to understand. Less complicated than Android. But just as capable.

Pardon the late reply, I’ve been very busy. I prefer android for my phone, with the right launcher it’s super easy to use. because I use a custom launcher and can install it when I switch there is very little switch grief with me. I just pop in the card, load the launcher with the theme and go. Tablets are a different story, the launcher doesn’t support most of them but because they are pleasure/writing tools then I rarely switch them.

My tablet is a Samsung Galaxy S 8 inch and it works really well but the only great word processor to support the scrivener sync strips away my highlighting. Word doesn’t do that and supports the fonts but doesn’t seem to have web view, so I can easily read and scroll it on the smaller screen. I used to have a tab 4 10 inch but sold it because I canceled my contract with Verizon and it wouldn’t work right after that. I wish I would have kept it because my old phone unlocked itself and I’m using it with a prepaid carrier.

Anyhow I still haven’t been anywhere to examine the difference. But im sure I’ll find something that I want. :stuck_out_tongue:

Katherine said the latest iPhones don’t have removeable SIM cards. My 7+ certainly does. Only 2 days old but already checked out Scrvener iOS on it. I have an old Mini first series that runs Scrivener just fine and the screen real estate is a bit better than the 7+. My iPad Pro 12.9 is the best. Wrote a couple of scenes on the flight to Sydney and back over the weekend.

Anyone considering the swap from Android phone to iOS, it’s a no brainer. Gave wife’s old 6 running iOS 10 to one of daughters to replace older Samsung. Took her half an hour of fiddling to get used to it and the Android to IOS migration app from the Google Play store worked a treat. She’s over the moon.

i tried an iPad once but really didn’t like it, but im willing to try it for an iPad mini, I decided on a mini, due to the smaller size, it’s closer to my Samsung tab s 8 inch, which is the perfect size for me so it won’t be too hard to thumb the keyboard. I tried a full sized in BestBuy and I had to stretch for the middle keys, so I chose the mini. Since everyone says windows and IOS version can work so well (once dropbox syncs) I’ll be sure to get a nice 4g mini. Next question, Can I save some money by buying the slightly older iPad 3? or should I stick to the 4 so I can stay up to date. What is the difference between them? I know I can check out reviews but I’d rather ask my peers here, who has used scrivener as much as I have.

Mini 3 is good and would certainly do the job, if a little slower. If you can, find a 4 at a price that suits you as it will be upgradeable for 1-2 yrs longer than the 3.

The synch with Win Scrivener works great. Though I freely confess to being an Apple person, I do keep Win 7 and 10 systems running just to keep my hand in and to be able to support issues with iOS/Win syncing.

Regardless of preference for iOS or Android, you’ll find iOS Scrivener great to use. Keith did an outstanding job.

If Johnny can get a knighthood for sexy round corners and ‘thin’, Keith deserves one for sexy code.

I took the plunge and rented an iPad mini from my favorite rental store. I know I’ll pay three times as much but they have a 120 day same as cash so I’ll only pay an extra hundred for it if I can pay 100 a month. Anyhow. I bought Scrivener and been about 90% happy with it. There’s been some learning pains but so far I’m happy enough with it. 16 gigs is a tight fit, I can’t do much more than use my writing tools, Evernote, dropbox, kindle, scrivener and shopping list app but it will do until they get their next shipment in.

I use an old iPad 2 with no problems whatsoever.:mrgreen:

well, yeah, this one I am renting to own an ipad mini 1 16gb and am really enjoying scrivener on it. I cant play any good games or anything on it but I plan on eventually upgrading it. Perhaps after Christmas, the prices will drop within my price range and I can return the rented one for one much better. I almost had a 2 but it was a pawned school ipad, and the school locked it. They got some money for it and the shop got ripped off. Really annoyed me but what can I say? I’ll just keep an eye on the shops and ebay until I find one that suits me