Scrivener for copywriting?

Am curious how other copywriters use Scrivener. I like using it to gather all the background materials in one place, and then write my messy first drafts, which are full of notes and comments to myself.

But I suspect I’m not using the application as thoroughly as I could be.

I do copywriting for my job, but I’m forced to use a PC, so no Scrivener for copywriting… yet. But I’ve given this some thought. I think Scrivener could be the perfect tool for copywriters. Not only can you assemble any supporting information and have it readily available, but you can also track changes and approvals. I’ve found the copywritten material tends to require more signoffs, and changes than many other kinds of writing. Using labels, keywords, document notes and snapshots, you should be able to easily track all the input as your work makes its way through the approval process.

That’s one reason I’m looking forward to the Windows version!