Scrivener for documentary scripts with lots of media

I make science documentaries. They involve organization of both written research, and media. (video, images, charts, etc.)

These films use a lot of b-roll and stock footage, sometimes hundreds of clips. So a big part of my creative process if figuring out where to place media in the script.

I work with some great editors, so the process I’ve used thus far is to:

  • Write script in google docs
  • Add comments on individual sentences with
    • :movie_camera:media to be placed here
    • :clapper:editing notes
    • :memo:captions, etc.
  • Record Voiceover
  • Submit to editor and he figures it out.

I believe there is a far better way to do this. One problem is the comments on google docs are not structured, searchable, or organizable.

I really need a way to index all of the comments, so I can easily see what media was used where, and have all the captions in one place for easier editing and modification.

My ideal solution would be each comment was added to a table with columns:

  • section
  • sentence
  • media files
  • editing notes
  • captions

I’ve done a lot of research on scrivener, but haven’t found any pre-existing systems or templates to match this workflow, any ideas?