Scrivener for editing?

Ok so I really like scrivener for anything other than editing like idk if its just me but I feel like the spell/ grammar check is just really bad. I really prefer to use google docs instead but I still want it to all be in one place. so I guess I’m asking is there any tool in scrivener that I’m missing? or is there a good way to transfer it to google docs without messing up any of the formatting?

(Windows user)

I trust my final corrections’ “guidance” to Antidote (LibreOffice as the “middleman”, as it supports Antidote’s integration – but that’s just a detail).
The way I do it is that I set up a sync folder.
I correct the RTF files from that folder, and later on, when syncing back with that folder, all my files (along with the corrections) are integrated back into my project seamlessly.

My point: with this approach, you can use pretty much any corrector you want, and have the results back in your project, no sweat.

Grammarly Desktop works well with Scrivener on macOS. It’s far more powerful than anything that could realistically be built in. I find a combination of Grammarly and text-to-speech works great for me during the editing process.


Yes. I, too, use Grammarly with Scrivener 3 for Windows. So amazing.

I’m gonna be the gruff guy who finds software to be lacking compared to humans using grammar.

Software is frequently wrong and the indefinite areas of grammar need interpretation.

Errors become enshrined by software.

Go put it in your brains!:nerd_face::nerd_face:


And I’m gonna be the pragmatic editor who points out that not everyone writing in English is a native English speaker, and English grammar is famously confusing. What matters is the result, not how you get there.


Amazing though it may be, the more you need a grammar/spelling checker, the less equipped you are to know when it’s wrong.

I’ve learned to write better using Grammarly. At some point, I probably won’t need to continue using it.

I’m glad it helped. You all are better than software, second language or not.

If English is new, sure it helps. If you learn it, it isn’t needed.

My issue is that mistakes get enshrined. I see it in the work of my students. They trust machines to be right over people. They allow themselves to let the software think when they should be using it as a tool, not as the standard. They should apply the standard.

I used spellcheck for this post. I checked the checker. It has been wrong and will be again. I can’t avoid misuse of the language if I cannot use it first.

This applies to whatever language a person speaks.

I’m a teacher who must maintain a standard, that’s why I am adamant. If I spoke German, then I would feel the same about German.

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Thanks all for the response, will give it more time : )

I understand your concern about the spell and grammar check in Scrivener. While Scrivener is a powerful tool for organizing and drafting writing projects, its editing capabilities may not be as robust as some dedicated word processors like Google Docs.

To answer your question, Scrivener can export your project to a different format, such as Microsoft Word or plain text. Once exported, you can then import the file into Google Docs without losing formatting. Please ask if you have any specific writing questions! There are top writers available to help you at This way, you can take advantage of Google Docs’ spell and grammar check features while still keeping your project organized in Scrivener.

To export your Scrivener project, you can go to the “File” menu and select “Export.” Choose the desired format and save the file to your preferred location. Afterward, open Google Docs, create a new document and use the “File” menu to import the file you exported from Scrivener. Google Docs should preserve the formatting, allowing you to continue editing with its spell and grammar check.

It’s worth mentioning that while transferring your work between different platforms, some minor formatting issues may occur. So it’s always a good idea to review your document after the transfer and make any necessary adjustments.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

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