Scrivener for iOS: How can I view comments?

Hello everyone,
I wonder how I can see comments in the Scrivener for iPad Version?
The tutorial shows me how to write a comment attached to a text, but that‘s it.
What if I have several comments in various chapters (which I use as a „to do“-List)? Is there an option: „Find comments“ somewhere? Like in the Mac version, the comments are shown in the inspector. But how do I find them in the iOS-Version?
Thanks for a reply

To view a comment’s text you need to double-tap on the highlight to open it. There you will also find buttons to jump from one to the next within the document. However don’t expect any kind of sidebar like in the Mac/PC versions.

I was looking for some kind of “show comments” option.
So that means I have to remember where I added comments? Like: There is a comment in chapter 5, 7 and 9, and scroll to the passage that is marked?
I know I can tap on the highlight to view the comment. There are two little arrows to the right and the left to jump to the next or previous comment, do you mean that? They don’t work, I tapped on them to jump but nothing happened.

I’m pretty sure the arrows only work within the current document. But yeah, there is no overview or way of knowing where comments are outside of the current document.

Humm… too bad. What good are comments if you have to memorize where the hell they are?
Thanks anyway for your reply

Well I’d mainly say they are as good as the desktop version makes them. On iOS it’s more a matter of being able to add new ones (which fits in nicely with using them as a To-Do system) and maybe check on them if you’re already working in a spot and see one.

Overall the iOS version is (far) less about building workflows out of it, and more about just taking a project with you for a bit and having access to a limited subset of its capabilities.

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Yes, but it would be worth considering that you can use the arrows to jump to the next comment, even if it’s not in the same document.

Surely it has more to do with technical limitations than anyone’s idea of a good idea.