Scrivener for iPhone & iPad mini - Questions

Hello everybody,

I have Scrivener on my computer since 2013, and I would like to have it on my iphone and/or ipad.

My questions is :
-> If I buy it for my iphone, do i have to buy it for my ipad ? Or is it the same device licence like “familly sharing” (in french) ?
-> I have a free account on Dropbox, so “only” 3.25Go : is it enough to synchronize with my computer ?

Last question about the Scrivener on my computer :
-> I have an old version (2.8). If I want the last version (Scrivener 3?), do I have to buy it ?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

  1. You can use iOS Scrivener on any device on your Apple ID, as well as any device on your Family Sharing.
  2. 3.25 Gb should be fine unless you’ve added a whole lot of images, video, or sound to your projects. Note that you need put only current active projects on Dropbox for syncing.
  3. You should be able to get Scrivener 3 for a reduced price. In the US, it’s $25 upgrade v. $45 full price.

Hope this helps!

Thank you very much for your answers
When you said : “You can use iOS Scrivener on any device on your Apple ID, as well as any device on your Family Sharing.” = is that mean that I can use Scrivener on my iphone without buy it, by using my computer’s license ?
If not, how do I install Scrivener on my ipad after installing it on my iphone?


No, it means that, once you’ve purchased the iOS version, you can install it on any iOS device connected to that account. Log in to the App Store software on the device and you’ll see it in the section for your purchases.

iOS Scrivener is a different product from Mac Scrivener and Windows Scrivener, requiring a separate purchase.


Thank you Katherine :wink:

Hmm, private company suggesting you call them (and pay?) for support available for free by calling your local AppleCare number, or better still using the Apple Support App to have Apple call you - all for free.

Not that I see how the 3194 error relates to iOS Scrivener.

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