Scrivener for Linux via Qt

Hey guys,

So I was looking a bit into how Scriv on Windows functions and it seems like it is built using Qt5, which is cross platform. I was wondering then, why build the new Windows version in Qt and not supply a build for linux? I run it via Wine and it works without an issue with the only thing needed to run it is to install corefonts via winetricks. Is it the lack of those fonts that is holding it back? Or is it having to test and ensure the support of another build?

I swear I remember a topic on this before but since the new forum look, I haven’t found it. Interested to see what some others think about this.

Here is the unofficial Linux forum.


I have wondered the same thing. What distro are you using. I can’t get Scriv 3 for Windows working with Manjaro/KDE using Wine.

I am using Linux Mint but before this, I was using KDE Neon on a machine for a couple years. Both Ubuntu bases. All I had to do was install wine-devel and use winetricks to install corefonts (sh corefonts) and then do “wine scrivener-install.exe (or whatever the installer is called)”. I believe in KDE Neon I was running the stable version of wine.

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