Scrivener for Mac 2.0.5 Now Available

Hello all,

Just to let you know that Scrivener 2.0.5 is now available for download. This is a free update for all registered users of Scrivener 2.0. It is recommended that you update from whatever version of 2.0 you are using because many bugs have been fixed and minor refinements made. You can find a full list of changes at the end of this post.

To download Scrivener 2.0.5, either:

  • Select “Check for Updates…” from the Scrivener menu within Scrivener itself and follow the on-screen instructions.


If you have already seen the update notification and followed the on-screen instructions to update, you don’t need to do anything else.

All the best,
(I hijacked David’s change list post rather than start a new thread, but it is me…)

[size=150]Scrivener 2.0.5 Change List[/size]

Refinements and Changes

Session Targets Enhancements (Project > Show Project Targets)

  • The session word and character counts are now persistent throughout a single day - i.e. if you close a project and then reopen it on the same day, the session word/character count will not be reset to 0 (it will only be reset to 0 when you open it after midnight of the day after the project was last saved).
  • There is now an option to have the session count reset automatically at midnight.
  • A deadline option has been added, so that you can set a deadline date for your draft. If a deadline is set, it will appear in the bottom of the project targets panel and count down the days left.
  • You can also choose to have the session target automatically calculated from the draft target and deadline (“Automatically calculate from draft deadline”). So, for instance, if you have set a draft target of 50,000 words and have so far written 35,000 words, and the deadline date is set for three days’ time, then the session target would be automatically set to 5,000 words (because you have 15,000 words left to write before you reach your target and three days in which to do it). If this option is selected and the option to automatically reset the session count at midnight is also set, then the session target will be recalculated at midnight at the same time as the session count is reset. Otherwise, clicking on the “Reset” button will recalculate the target along with resetting the session count. Note that you can only choose “Automatically calculate from draft deadline” if a deadline is set and the draft target type is set to “words” or “chars” - the option is not available for draft targets that are set in “pages”, because of the technical difficulties in calculating how many pages have been written during a session when the text could have been typed anywhere (there is no “pages” option for the session target).


  • The option to flatten first paragraph indents in Compile now works even if you’re not overriding the text and notes formatting.
  • The option to compile to Kindle .mobi format has now been removed on 10.4 (Tiger), seeing as it could not be used anyway as Amazon’s KindleGen utility requires OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or above. A note has also been added to the KindleGen download pane indicating that KindleGen requires an Intel machine. (Users on Tiger or PPC machines should export to .epub and convert to the .mobi format using Calibre: )
  • Multiple authors should now be separated in the “Authors” e-book meta-data field of Compile using a semi-colon rather than a comma (thus allowing for the format “Surname, Forename”, which in previous versions of Scrivener would have been separated into two names).
  • Replacements using variables in Compile now support the variable ($@) appearing at the beginning or end of the replacement text.
  • Currently comments and footnotes are not supported in tables because clashes during the export process can cause errors to get thrown. A new hidden default has been added, however, so that users who need footnotes or comments in tables can enable this feature at their own risk - if you do so and encounter errors, please report the errors and the steps to reproduce to us, so that we can find a better solution in the future and enable footnotes in tables by default. To turn on the hidden preference, in type “defaults write com.literatureandlatte.scrivener2 allowCommentsInTables 1”.
  • Added “Remove highlighting” option to compile text options. (Note, however, that this deliberately does not touch highlights added to indicate inspector comments in formats such as RTFD.)
  • Added support for alphabetical outline numbering to Edit > Insert > Auto-Number and compile process.


  • Custom meta-data is now included in plain text meta-data files created using File > Export > Files…
  • On compiling, certain file types - .html, .mmd, .tex - may be exported as folders if images are present. Some users were finding that .tex files created as folders could be treated by their system as file packages. To avoid this, Scrivener now checks to see if the exported folder is being treated as a file package, and if so it renames it, replacing the “.” Before the extension with an underscore, so that it should no longer be treated as a package.
  • Added label to “Export Files” dialogue clarifying that non-text files get exported in their original format seeing as this comes up as a support question from time to time.


  • Scrivener can now sync the main text of documents with Index Card notes (this option is off by default but can be turned on in the Index Card sync options).
  • Holding the Option key down in the Sync with External Folder sheet now changes the “Sync” button to “Save”, so that you can save your changes without syncing.
  • If the user removes or renames a folder set up to be synced with a project, Scrivener will now automatically turn off the sync settings for that project so that it does not accidentally try to sync to another folder of the same name created later unless the user sets things up again.
  • Changed brackets convention when syncing plain text files to avoid conflicts with MultiMarkdown. Now, inline footnotes are surrounded with “{{“ and “}}” and inline annotations are surrounded with “((“ and “))” in synced plain text files. Note that this may cause problems with existing plain text files that have been synced and which contain inline annotations or footnotes using the old notation, so be sure to check files that get synced in existing projects.
  • Rejigged “Import & Export” preferences pane and added “Convert brackets to inline notes when syncing plain text files” option, which allows ((…)) and {{…}} to be converted to inline annotations and footnotes in imported text when using any of the File > Sync options.
  • When syncing to an external folder or Simplenote, the collection that shows which documents in the project have been changed is now called “Updated Documents” rather than “Synced Documents”, to avoid confusion.
  • “Search Results” and “Updated Documents” collections are no longer available in the folder sync “Sync only documents in collection” pop-up, as selecting one of these could cause weird sync results, especially with automatic sync turned on.


  • When you Save As or back up a project, the project-specific backup settings are now removed from the backup or saved-as copy, to avoid situations where two now distinct projects could end up trying to sync to the same external files.
  • Back Up To… and Back Up Now are now both available in full screen mode.


  • Links added to text get percent-escaped again, but they avoid escaping the last “#” character in web links so as not to break anchors.
  • Sparkle updates now do an MD5 check so that automatic updates should never replace Scrivener with a corrupt version in the event of a bad or interrupted download.
  • Made adjustments to various settings and Sparkle automatic updater code for re-submission to Mac App Store.
  • Improved the way numbers are treated when sorting documents by title in the outliner or in Documents > Sort.
  • The formatting panes in the Compile, Preferences and Text Preferences areas now remove any unwanted formatting such as footnotes or “preserve formatting” settings.
  • When copying text from inside a footnote and pasting it into a plain text application, the footnote markers no longer come along, to match the behaviour of other formats (this is only when all of the selected text is part of an inline footnote).
  • To delete references you now need to hit cmd-delete rather than just delete, to avoid accidental deletions. (Keywords still uses plain Delete, however, as keywords are much easier to restore in the case of accidental deletions.)
  • When duplicating or copying folders, the positions of the cards in freeform mode are now included in the duplicate.
  • The relative positions of multiple dragged cards should now be respected when dragging and dropping between freeform corkboards.
  • The paper height slider in full screen no longer tries to keep the text area in the top-third of the screen, but centres it instead, which is more intuitive and allows better for margins at the top and bottom of the screen.
  • The columns in the search results table are now persistent - their widths will be remembered between sessions.
  • Find by Formatting > Revision Color should now find struck-through text as well.
  • Error messages now get output to ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Logs (instead of to the system, so that Scrivener’s built-in crash reporter include this information, which is often invaluable in tracking down a bug.
  • Hitting return in an arbitrary collection will now create a new document if the Navigation preferences are set up to create new documents on return.

Bugs Fixed

Major (Stability)

  • Fixed bug on Tiger which caused project statistics to freeze and could cause problems compiling to RTF unless RTF bookmarks were turned off.
  • Fixed bug whereby showing the line-numbering ruler in a document with no text in it could cause a crash or hang on PPC machines.
  • Hopefully fixed crashing bug that could affect page layout in rare but persistent circumstances.
  • Fixed bug whereby in some circumstances typing could thrown an error in the background along the lines of “-[NSCFString _getBlockStart:end:contentsEnd:forRange:stopAtLineSeparators:]: Range or index out of bounds”, and after this typed text may not appear and the program would become unstable. (This was caused by the text not being removed from the editor properly before another text was loaded.)
  • Fixed bug whereby trying to add a new document to a collection when the main editor had the focus and was in single document mode would throw an exception.
  • Fixed bug whereby Scrivener could crash on start-up if the Application Support folder wasn’t available for some reason.
  • Added an extra check to the comments and footnotes code to try to avoid a persisting hang that can occur when pasting certain text.
  • Fixed a bug in project update from 1.x projects that could throw an exception in rare circumstances.
  • Fixed numerous recent memory management issues found by Xcode’s “Build and Analyze” tool and Clang.
  • Fixed bug whereby an error would be thrown when Scrivener tried to superscript an ordinal number that was typed at the very beginning of a text.
  • Fixed bug whereby opt-dragging into a collection on a corkboard or outliner could cause the copied documents to go nowhere in the binder.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the collections code could keep observing changes to the project after the project had closed, which could potentially cause a crash.

Minor (Usability)

  • Fixed bug with e-book export whereby table-of-contents links, and other internal links, could point to the wrong document when providing an HTML table of contents.
  • Fixed bug where end-of-text marker would get added to e-books during compile even though it wasn’t available in the “Text Options” pane.
  • Fixed bug whereby any text after hyphens in keywords would get deleted, because Scrivener thought it was part of the auto-numbering (numbers on their own after hyphens are still disallowed).
  • Fixed bug whereby deleting a newly created scratch pad note would throw an error and the confirmation dialogue box would refuse to close.
  • Fixed bug whereby compiling to RTF with the flatten first paragraph options turned on would cause all paragraphs to be indented (actually this fix is really a workaround to what is apparently an Apple text system bug, reported to them with Bug ID# 9061991).
  • Fixed bug in external folder sync whereby CRLF line endings would be ignored when converting double spacing to single spacing on import.
  • Fixed bug whereby texts containing only annotations and whitespace, or only whitespace, would not export their titles in compile.
  • Fixed bug whereby the full screen window would not be seen by Witch (thanks to Peter Maurer of Many Tricks for providing the fix).
  • Fixed bug whereby external folder sync would count a hidden .DS_Store file as folder contents and so throw a warning message saying a folder had contents for certain folders that otherwise seemed empty.
  • Fixed bug whereby copying text from the main editor into the notes areas could result in footnotes, annotations and preserve formatting attributes getting copied into the notes, which isn’t supposed to be allowed.
  • Fixed bug whereby, if automatic folder sync was turned on, Scrivener would keep trying to sync some files on project close even though the files were up to date, because of a modification date discrepancy.


  • Fixed bug whereby deleting an inline footnote and turning the footnote formatting off could reset the font.
  • Fixed bug in external folder sync with could cause the “Save document” sheet to appear when closing a project after syncing.
  • Updated templates that still used 1.x-style label and status meta-data to use the 2.x “No label” and “No status” settings where applicable.
  • Fixed minor issue where font could reset to Helvetica before single line separators in scrivenings mode.
  • Minor fix to scrivenings to avoid underline, bold and italic formatting from titles affecting Paste and Match Style directly after a title (unfortunately there is no way to avoid highlighting getting added though). This only affects Paste and Match Style at the start of a scrivening when titles are turned on.
  • Fixed an issue with references whereby repeatedly merging and splitting documents could result in a proliferation of duplicate references and a bloated project.
  • Fixed bug whereby changes in the position of cards in freeform mode wouldn’t be reflected in the other editor if both editors were showing the contents of the same folder in freeform mode.
  • Fixed issue whereby splitting the editor vertically could result in squashed footer controls - the minimum window width is now updated when you split the editor vertically, just as it is when you hide or show the binder or inspector.
  • Fixed bug whereby dragging between editors showing the contents of a collection on the corkboard or outliner would cause the view to scroll back to the top when the drag finished.

This was so serendipitous as to almost seem bizarre - I had just finished a session in my main Scrivener project and, after checking the project target, I had the thought that for a long time I’ve wished that session targets were persistent across a whole day - my aim is for at least 1000 words per day, I don’t care how many individual sessions it takes me to do that. I logged on here to ask for this very feature, saw that you just released a new version today and that new version has the exact same feature I’d logged on to ask for! Now you really can’t beat that for service - pre-emptive feature requests!

Thanks once again …

Nice work, Keith. All smooth at this end so far. Well done. - Peter

The Licence agreement has some weird characters scattered thru it - not too many, but they are there. (Scrivener 2.1, installed on windows vista on an HP)

In the inspector, the created/modified dates both seem to stay as the ‘created’ date, even if you modify and save a document.

Hi wellwords,

Sorry, i should have specified - this announcement was about the Mac version, not the Windows version. I’ll change the subject title to reflect that. I’m so used to announcing Mac releases that I forgot we have a whole host of new Windows users on board and I need to start saying “Scrivener for Mac” about my releases. :slight_smile:


Nice one Keith.
Thanks for the additional functionality on the session counts, deadlines, etc.


Hi KB,
Just a heads-up to say that the tooltip for the download links over at is still showing 2.0.4 in it.

This is fixed now; thanks for catching it.