Scrivener for Mac 3.2.2 not moving folders correctly in binder

Files are fine. They obey all commands. But the folders misbehave. If I select “go left” they will go left until they are even with the one above them. Then they drop to the bottom of the list. If they are at the bottom and I select “go up,” they scoot up to the top of the list. If they are at the top and I select “go down,” they scoot down to the bottom of the list.

The folders don’t work correctly, whether by drag/drop with a mouse, or keyboard shortcuts, such as ctl cmd >, or by toolbar icons.

They’re working exactly as expected for me — as you move folders left or right they move into the correct level in the hierarchy, and the same when moved up or down: they swap positions with the one above or below as expected.

Are you seeing this on just one project or is it all of them?

Same problem on other projects.

OK — it works correctly for me on Scrivener 3.2.2 with Big Sur 11.2.3. I can’t think of a setting which would make it behave this way (there’s no automatic sort) and I can’t reproduce it at all. Folders, documents and document groups all work the same way in the expected manner.

I’d try reinstalling Scrivener. If that doesn’t work, I’d suggest taking a screen recording of behaviour and sending it in to support with a list of your setup details.

If I get you right this is the proper behaviour. If you move a folder to the left it finally will be on the same level as the Drafts folder and moves right below it in the binder structure.

If you move it up it will move to the top of the binder because the only element above it on that binder level is the Drafts folder itself. If you move it down it is again positioned right after the Drafts folder—but when the Draft folder’s content is expanded “right after” might be somewhere way down. Hence the scooting.

At least that’s what I get when I move folders (and files). I recommend you for testing purposes to not only do the left-left-etc.-up routine with one folder but with at least two. And then try to move the upmost folder (of at least three: two of yours and the Drafts folder) down and see if it actually goes to the bottom or if it just moves one position down. It might help to see how they exactly move if you collapse all of these first-level (left most) folders.