Scrivener for mac: Should I buy on App Store or somewhere else and is there a difference?

Hello, I was looking to buy scrivener and I am on a mac.

Now, I was wondering whether there’s a big difference to buying it on the App Store or elsewhere. It’s not the cost that troubles me. Say they are both the same price. Now, is there any advantages or disadvantages to buying it on the App Store, that’s my question.

Thank you!

The main advantage to buying direct from Literature&Latte is that you will get immediate access to updates – there are occasionally delays in having updates approved by the App Store and available there. The delays are usually minor and this is typically not an issue, unless the update is a hot fix for a bug (a rare but not unknown occurrence).

Personally I prefer to buy direct from the developer where possible, as this avoids Apple taking a 30% cut.

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