Scrivener for organizing my book data?

As a writer with 51 books, it is now becoming a problem keeping track of all my data. I wonder if Scrivener has the ability to organize my books, themselves? I do have a scriv file for characters, placing them within the folder for each book, but I need to keep track of more than that. I have used spreadsheets in the past, but they have limits. I tried databases, but i don’t need online access, i’m only using it to catalog the data on each book. I need to keep track of the book cover (by using thumbnail image of the book cover), the title and subtitle, the characters, and details about them, the publication dates, ISBNs, etc. Does anyone have a suggestion for software that will do this, if Scrivener won’t? Perhaps there are still more features in Scriv I haven’t discovered?

(I wrote this all up then I realized this post was in the Windows forum…sorry it’s Mac only…)

I own but rarely use Bookpedia I got it along ca. 2008 with a bar code reader in order to avoid doing data entry while putting hundreds of books into BibDesk for academic citation management – so I mostly use it for its bar coding and BibTeX export capabilities. The newer version can use the built in iSight camera for scanning bar codes.

But I think it would work fine for what you’re describing. Whenever I open it I’m reminded of all the lovely covers that I don’t see because my books are all shelved in my office – it has the option to show the covers in CoverFlow view (like iTunes).

I don’t see why you couldn’t use Scrivener for this.

You can put front covers in the synopsis field. You could create separate keywords for the publisher and various isbns, publication date, etc. Use the editor for any notes about characters.

If you use keywords (custom metadata) then you’d have an overview of all this book data in outline view. It might be worth exploring custom metadata, if you don’t use it often, because this could be the way forward for you.

Hope that helps.

thank you. yes that’s pretty much what i’ve been doing with it…but having trouble getting a separate set of metadata for the folder, thanthe metadata for the files beneath each folder. Like the screenshot–the highlighted book (Armchair Detective) needs to have its own set of metadata, for title, pubdate, ISBN, etc, but then i also need the list below of each character to show up in the outliner with their info–character name, age, occupation, etc. Is there a way to have those two separate sets of metadata in the outliner?

ADDENDUM: I tried adding all the fields in the metadata and checking them so they show, hoping it would just show what fields were filled in, but it won’t even show the book data fields, attached to the folders (which are the book titles).
Also tried converting the folders to files, an that didn’t work either. So I’m stumped, still.

In outline mode, you only see the sub-documents/folders of what you’ve selected. Try selecting the Draft folder while in outline mode to see the metadata for the folders.

okay rdale, thank you. that worked. but i still think maybe scrivener can’t handle some of the other data i need, so i guess the book data will stay on a spreadsheet. thanks for your help.

Don’t write Scrivener off just yet. Scrivener 3 is rumoured to have more customisable meta-data options. (I’m sure I’ve read posts to this effect, but obviously there’s no release date yet - and I also appreciate that you are a Windows user, so I don’t know when Windows may get the 3 release.)

I don’t know if this is allowed, and I’m sorry if it isn’t (but didn’t see any rule against it when I looked)

Have you tried using Calibre? I use it to keep track of all kinds of e-books myself. And, eh, I know this is my first post but I honestly don’t work for them. It’s just free software that I find recommendable. I only just bought Scrivener today with my Camp NaNoWriMo discount. :slight_smile: