Scrivener for Picture Books?

I am planning to write/draw a picture book for my newborn daughter and just wondered if anyone had done this. How do I for instance set the total number of pages (in this case 32).
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Since picture books tend to have a lot of variation in the amount of text on a page, a formulaic page count isn’t going to help. But what would be useful, probably, is to set the pages up as separate documents. Then you could use each document for the actual text (in the document itself) and to describe the pictures you have in mind (in the notes). And for seeing if the whole book flows, use Edit Scrivenings.

The best way that I can think of is to set each document to “Page Break Before” in the Inspector, and then create 32 documents and be sure to keep them all short so they do not flow over into a second page. That shouldn’t be too difficult with your average picture book. Honestly though, you’ll probably want to use something more like Pages to do this particular project. Scrivener has very few book design tools; it is mostly just meant to get a good draft copy out, or to provide a file that word processors/page layout can use to further dandy up.

Thanks for the advice! My reason for wanting to make this project in Scrivener is the corkboard. It would be even better if one could embed small sketches with the text in the index cards. That would have been cool. I will of course move the project to InDesign when the writing is finished, but was hoping to use Scrivener to prepare the dummy book.
Anyway, Scrivener is great!
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I have made a very simple picture book template based on Marisa Montes’ very useful diagram and other information from her website (enclosed in the attached file as a pdf). I would be happy, if anyone can improve it as this is my first template of this kind.

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Picture Book Template.scrtpl (402 KB)

Hi JohnB,

Have a look here. It’s a comic thread but it offers a lot of stuff quite close to your needs. … php?t=1271


Got to thinking after seeing JohnB’s excellent template that perhaps it might be worth considering a special thread just for templates and projects so that people could post and download Scrivener templates, projects and workflows.