Scrivener for scientific writing

Scrivener does not integrate well with Mathtype (for instance no equation export for MS Word, or other word processor that can be edited afterwards, poor quality printing, etc.) and their marriage, besides being limited, is still very buggy. Probably, things will go better when there will be WMF support. For now though, no serious technical work can be accomplished in Scrivener.

In the scientific world, Latex rules. Have you considered to use MimeTeX (a freeware addon) within Scrivener to render latex equations?
If so, one could:

  1. use still Mathtype to write equations, and report its Latex version to Scrivener
  2. Scrivener could use MimeTex to display them in real time
  3. Export/compile the draft in MS Word, in RTF, or in other similar format.
    3.1 in the future would be nice to export/compile directly in latex and that would make Scrivener a killer app. in science.
  4. Run Mathtype (converter command) in MS Word and turn all Latex equations in active OLE mathtype equations.
    No manual intervention or re-writing needed. In fact it works even now without step 2 and 3.1.
    Thanks for listening.