Scrivener for Windows 3.x insists on Sitka Text font for Verse style

I don’t know whether this is a bug or not, but my seemingly never-ending war to get Scrivener to use my preferred font settings and such for styles continues. I bought the Scrivener for Windows 3.x upgrade because I use it all the time on the macOS and iPadOS and can finally work from my PCs as well, which is important as I consult and share projects via Dropbox across all my devices.

The first thing I did was open an existing project, which on the macOS has already had its “Verse” style successfully set to Palatino 13 pt. type, and the moment I start typing beyond any text already entered it insists on switching to Sitka Text 12 pt. type. I thought maybe I needed to do that same redefine-the-style operation on Windows, so I selected a portion of the Palatino 13 pt. type and used the styles panel options to redefine the “Verse” style throughout the whole document.

It seemed to conclude successfully, but the moment I start typing beyond any text already entered, it again insists on switching to Sitka Text 12 pt. type. Is there any way to redefine the styles in such a way that they’re actually redefined and give me what I expect on Windows? Thanks in advance!

In Scrivener 3, I have occasionally seen Sitka appear, as you say, when I start typing beyond any text that has already been entered. But for the most part, when I am in an area designated as “No Style,” it is sticking to my default settings, which are to use Calibri 12 pt. And when I create a new document, upon creation, the formatting is all set to Calibri 12 pt.

I am not certain, but this appears to be a Project setting.

Under Project-Project Settings-Formatting you can set “Main Text Formatting” with all the usual formatting specs. This appears to be where “No Style” is created. Does setting it there help?

Sitka still occasionally appears, but its regular reappearance hasn’t been nearly the problem I recall it being before Scrivener 3 – at least not for projects that originated in 3. For my earlier 1.x projects… I know the formatting was often frustrating.

Aha! It would never have occurred to me that the settings that govern the creation of new documents would also govern the addition of a new paragraph in an existing document. But I find that once I change the settings in the preferences for new documents, that’s what was forcing me to use Sitka Text 12 pt. for every new paragraph I create in an existing document. Thanks for the help!

Oh very good! Glad you got that figured out. Happy writing! :slight_smile: