Scrivener for windows highlighted text in tables

If I create a table in scrivener for mac, and If only part of text in a table cell is highlighted, if the highlighted text includes the first character in the cell, then when the table is displayed in Scrivener for windows, it shows the entire cell highlighted, and the highlighting cannot be edited there.

Will try to give an example but not sure how this forum edit works… using bold characters to represent highlighted text:

|**a**bcde    |

Will show in windows as

|**abcde**    |

But if the highlighting starts on anything but the first character of the text in the cell, eg abcde, then that will be displayed correctly in windows.

Ok so bold text is not supported inside Preformatted text, so not sure how to show it nicely in a monospaced section.

I have never tried to actually use tables in Scrivener. But my understanding is that tables, similar to lists, are finicky and flakey and will not behave or submit to even routine editing as expected. That includes issues with formatting and layout, and this is apparently common to both the Mac and the Windows/Qt versions, though perhaps especially the latter. This recently active thread can give you more info, as can many others that a search can turn up.

In the mean time, you can try posting a screen shot of the problem you are having.

Actually, using screen shots of lists and tables that were created in other programs, and pasting them into Scrivener, is a commonly recommended solution to the problem.