Scrivener for Windows now available for *pre-order*

Hi all,

Scrivener for Windows is now available for pre-order, with a 10% discount. We are pushing the official 1.0 release back until next week, 7th November, and the discount will run until then. (If you have any other coupon codes, they will work on top of the 10% discount, too.)

The Windows pre-orders page is now up and running here: … atform=win

I know, today was supposed to be the release date, but at the very last minute we just felt we had to take a few extra days to fix some of the issues raised in the latest beta - please see my blog post for more information here:

Thanks everyone for your support, and our sincere apologies for the extra few days’ delay; hopefully the preorder will go some way to making up for that, and that you will all think it is worth it. (And remember, if you are worried about the current 7th November beta expiry date, we have a NaNoWriMo trial version that runs up until 7th December available here: )

Thanks and all the best,

Dear Keith,

I have a few questions :slight_smile::

  1. Will there be a student version of Scrivener for Windows?

  2. If so, how can you get it? I´m a student, but in Germany.

  3. And if I win NaNo, will I get the 50% of the regual version only, or of the student version, too?


Hi Sarah,

Yes, there’s a student version for Windows - that will normally cost $35 instead of $40 (although right now it’s $31.50 for the next week, for pre-orders). The NaNo 50% coupon only works on the regular version, though, not the student version (the regular and student versions are identical).

All the best,

Hi Sciley,

On the store links you will see all 4 versions. Mac regular and Educational and now the Windows regular and Educational. (ie - Student Versions.)

I have a link to it on the right side of my site, though to be fair I will mention this is an affiliate link which is why I am not linking in the main part of this reply and only have a general site link in my signature.

Looks like Keith already mentioned the 50% off NaNo coupon will only work on the regular version. I would also venture to add it sounded like you were saying “if” I win nano, meaning you are hoping to get one this year. That means you won’t be able to take 50% off of the pre-order price, unless you have a coupon from NaNo 2010. The most cost effective option for you would be to use the NaNo trial and wait to purchase after November. You risk only not getting the pre-order discount if you don’t get the larger discount. Though if you do have a NaNo2010 discount code, you get to combine as mentioned above.

Hope that helps and makes sense.

Hmmm, the 20% code (“NANOWRIMO”) from the NaNoWriMo page does not work… :cry:

The “NANOWRIMO” coupon wasn’t set to start working until 1st November - as it’s for NaNoWriMo participants, normally no one uses it until they realise they aren’t going to make their 50,000 words and thus achieve the 50% discount, so it’s rather defeatist to use it before November even begins. :slight_smile: It should work now though, as I’ve just edited it to work from today onwards.

Well we could look at it as Scrivener is such an excellent product that people can’t wait to pay for it, so would rather use a 20% discount now instead of a 50% discount later :wink:


WAY COOOOOOL!!! don’t worry about the couple of extra days wait, it’s worth it to us :smiley: (Scrivener blows anything else out of the water)

Paying is always a painful act in my actual circumstances, but I gladly did it in this case though. Except for the 0.23 massive “close without saving” bug that made lost an all day marathon at a library, it all went like a breeze. :smiley:
This piece of code almost made me switch to a Mac. I’m glad I didn’t or I would miss my gorgeous Steam account and I would have to work a lot more!
Looking forward to the future now. Unless, of course, the Euro really is about to fail and drag all humanity into some kind of cyber-neolithic-moneycracy.

Lot of Steam games are also playable on a Mac thanks to Steam-powered. Some people have had success with WINE, as well. (I haven’t used a mac to that extent…I’m more likely to just put Linux on the thing.)

Sounds good! Just wondering, when version 1.0 is released, will the NaNoWriMo trial be updated as well?

The NaNoWriMo trial was updated to version 049, so you can download and install that if you want (clear your browser cache before redownloading from the offer page, as some browsers have a habit of just regurgitating the old file). it won’t be switched over to 1.0 code, but you should be able to get through November with it just fine. A lot of the final work going into 1.0 deals with compile–cleaning up some formatting bugs and so forth–so you’re not likely to run into these issues while drafting your novel.

You could also just switch over to 1.0 when it’s available and run it as the trial version; since you’ll already be a week into NaNo at that point, you’ll be able to carry through into December on the regular 30 day period and then purchase a license with your winner’s coupon and register if you want to keep it. :slight_smile:

When I pulled up my code from last year’s NaNo, it says it expires September 7, but NaNo never sent another code. Will that code still work? I won’t be able to pre-order, but I want to make sure that I’ll still be able to get my 50% off.

You can try it with no risk. The coupon entry part of the form is a step that takes place before you actually check out.

I’ve got both my original code from last Nano, and the replacement one that was posted, and neither one is working… :frowning:

Same here and I checked a few times before NaNo began and there was nothing and all of the winner’s goodies are gone from last year :frowning:

The code that was stated to expire Sept 7th is the “good” one; it was extended again to last to the end of the year, although that was never written up on the NaNo website. Are you using this on the standard Windows version? It won’t work for the educational license.

Yes, those 50% codes should definitely work - we extended them so they will work until the end of the year. We had lots of users successfully use their NaNo '10 coupons yesterday, too. As MM says, make sure you choose the regular licence, because the coupons aren’t valid for the educational licence.

Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered so far!

All the best,

Thanks all :smiley:

I will risik not getting the 10% off with a pre-order, keeping fingers crossed (and fingers in keyboard) that I win NaNo.